• BusinessWorks AppSlice Infographic

    What the heck is a BusinessWorks 6 AppSlice anyway?

    Tibco Monitoring

    That’s what a colleague asked when creating some new materials to promote our new TIBCO BusinessWorks 6 monitoring capabilities within RTView Enterprise Monitor® and TIBCO® RTView® Monitor for BusinessWorks System. More importantly, “What the heck is an AppSlice used for”? We know that an […]

  • rtview-and-docker-logo

    Deploying RTView in Docker Containers

    Application Monitoring, Developer's Corner

    Recently, there has been increasing excitement about Docker, an open platform for the distributed and automated deployment of application services. Docker takes advantage of the powerful Linux “container” technology that has been around for a long time, but not widely used until now. The […]

  • R Project logo large

    Analytics on RTView Data Using R

    Developer's Corner

    “R” has become the tool of choice for data scientists around the world for a variety of reasons. First, the language simply and powerfully expresses vector and matrix operations so you can interactively manipulate and explore your data from the command line. If you find […]

  • tibco_active_spaces_2

    Monitoring TIBCO ActiveSpaces

    Tibco Monitoring

    TIBCO ActiveSpaces appears to be gaining traction in the marketplace for in-memory data grids against competitors like Oracle Coherence as well as open source alternatives. For many E-Commerce applications it offers an effective solution for session caching, optimizing access to database content, and data […]

  • rtv_cmdb_heatmap_1

    RTView For TIBCO – More Than APM

    Application Monitoring, End to End Monitoring, Tibco Monitoring

    RTView provides industrial-strength real-time monitoring of many different technologies, especially the middleware, app servers, and data grids used to integrate large scale complex applications. While RTView offers many of the Application Performance Monitoring features (APM) defined by Gartner, most people are not aware of […]