Application Monitoring

  • Advanced TIBCO Monitoring with RTView

    Most people in the TIBCO community have heard of RTView by now. TIBCO resells a subset of the RTView product line to complement its EMS and BW products. But most users are not aware of the extent to which the RTView provides a comprehensive […]

  • Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus

    The holiday season is sneaking up on us, and we take great pleasure in answering at once this communication below (from Virginia): – Dear Editor: I am a newbie to monitoring critical business applications. – Some of my little friends say there is no […]

  • Enterprise Application Monitoring: The Business Value

    It is easy to pull out the long list of features that a product must have to address the challenges inherent in monitoring a large estate of critical business applications across an enterprise. But I won’t do that to you here. Everyone knows monitoring […]

  • What Failed: My App or my Infrastructure ?

    Matthew, a talented Application Support guy, is shown in the image to the left enjoying a relaxing day at the beach. When his boss calls, he manages to craft something of a smile, but my guess is that he is not very happy right […]

  • RTView at Oracle OpenWorld

    Oracle OpenWorld is big … so big that, as a visitor, it’s real easy to get completely overwhelmed. After a while, all the vendors sound so much alike that it becomes impossible to remember who solves this problem or that problem, or if there […]

  • RTView and Oracle Enterprise Manager

    We often get asked the following question. “What is the difference between RTView and Oracle Enterprise Manager … if I already have OEM, why would I need RTView” ? Oracle has a decent product in OEM. It provides lifecycle management for the entire Oracle […]

  • Oops, We Forgot to Monitor That Server

    As the owner of a critical application on which your business depends, how many times have you heard something like “Oops, we forgot to set up monitoring on that server?” Usually this is heard a short while after the application has crashed and shut […]

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