End to End Monitoring

  • RTView For TIBCO – More Than APM

    RTView provides industrial-strength real-time monitoring of many different technologies, especially the middleware, app servers, and data grids used to integrate large scale complex applications. While RTView offers many of the Application Performance Monitoring features (APM) defined by Gartner, most people are not aware of […]

  • RTView For Oracle – More Than OEM

    Load-balanced, parallel, and complex … these words apply to the large-scale, distributed, mission-critical applications built on top of Oracle middleware components like WebLogic and Coherence. The resulting systems can be highly functional and scalable, but also very fragile. The probability of failure increases exponentially […]


  • Why Correlation is the Key to Contextual Visualization

    Advanced monitoring solutions must correlate the items that have dependencies and employ advanced visualization techniques to quickly perform analysis and take actions. The challenge with enterprise application monitoring platforms is that there are just too many differing points of information that must be looked […]


  • Dive into RTView Enterprise Monitor 1.5

    How do you decide what makes a great product release?  For me, there are two main drivers that bubble new features to the top of every release of RTView Enterprise Monitor: Provide access to more actionable data Facilitate ease of use While it is […]

  • Avoid These Two Monitoring Architecture Traps

    As an enterprise architect with 20+ years of experience, I have witnessed many seemingly simple deployment architectures that have come back to bite clients once they are scaled from POC to enterprise-wide deployments. Often, they are forced to live with the choices for many […]

  • Business Value: A Nice To Have ?

    With every new year, we see a flood of research notes, articles and blog posts regarding the latest IT strategic priorities. This year, these priorities range from analytics, to single transaction platforms, to cloud and mobile strategies, etc. However, it is rare to see […]

  • Advanced TIBCO Monitoring with RTView

    Most people in the TIBCO community have heard of RTView by now. TIBCO resells a subset of the RTView product line to complement its EMS and BW products. But most users are not aware of the extent to which the RTView provides a comprehensive […]

  • Enterprise Application Monitoring: The Business Value

    It is easy to pull out the long list of features that a product must have to address the challenges inherent in monitoring a large estate of critical business applications across an enterprise. But I won’t do that to you here. Everyone knows monitoring […]

  • RTView at Oracle OpenWorld

    Oracle OpenWorld is big … so big that, as a visitor, it’s real easy to get completely overwhelmed. After a while, all the vendors sound so much alike that it becomes impossible to remember who solves this problem or that problem, or if there […]

  • RTView and Oracle Enterprise Manager

    We often get asked the following question. “What is the difference between RTView and Oracle Enterprise Manager … if I already have OEM, why would I need RTView” ? Oracle has a decent product in OEM. It provides lifecycle management for the entire Oracle […]

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