RTView® Enterprise Edition

End-to-End Monitoring for Middleware and Middleware-powered Applications


Unlocking the Black Box: Middleware

RTView - Enterprise Edition provides in-depth visibility into the middleware layer a typical blind spot for most APM vendors.

Middleware is the glue that connects all of your software applications.  If these core platforms become overloaded or under-resourced, your application performance and availability will suffer.  Middleware monitoring is critical for anyone supporting middleware-powered applications.

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Application-Aware Resource Monitoring

Middleware-based environments are complex with many layers that interact with each other.  Your application support and middleware support teams require specialized tools to proactively identify the problem before the application is affected.

Monitoring Performance Trends

Spot growing trends as they develop over minutes, hours and days for early intervention.

Monitoring Performance Spikes

Determine if slowdowns are chronic problems or transient spikes and correlate to external events.

Monitoring Cascading Problems

Visually correlate middleware problems with underlying infrastructure or concurrent processes.

Reduce MTTR & Severity 1 Incidents

RTView - Enterprise Edition provides support teams the early warning alerts and tools necessary to quickly find problems and work together to resolve them.  Finding problems as soon as possible enables you to resolve them before they become serious issues.

Find Problems Sooner

Find Problems Sooner
Visual indicators identify growing problems even before alert thresholds are reached.

Comprehend Faster

Comprehend Faster
Custom diagrams allow teams to better understand complex applications without experts & architects.

Collaborate Together

Collaborate Together
Share web-based diagnostics across teams without sharing admin access.

Complete Monitoring Capabilities

RTView - Enterprise Edition provides the real-time monitoring and visual analysis that support teams need to find problems and fix them fast in middleware-powered applications.

Real-time Monitoring Alerts

Centralized Alerting
Manage alerts with RTView or integrate with ticketing systems.

Application Aware Monitoring

Application  Aware
Drill-down from application to infrastructure.

Data Flow Diagrams

Data Flow Diagrams
Auto-generate custom diagrams for support teams.

Historical Metrics

Historical Metrics
Calculate rates, determine onset and analyze capacity.


Trace root cause across infrastructure components.


Customize by role to avoid information overload.

Hit The Ground Running

RTView is fast and easy to deploy with no programming or reinstrumenting required.  Start monitoring faster with less work.

Pre-Configured Displays and ThresholdsIntegrated with APM & Ticketing Systems

Agentless MonitoringDistributed Architecture
Hybrid, Hosted or On-PremiseAuto-Generated Diagrams

Pick the Right RTView for YOU!

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Middleware Edition

Middleware infrastructure monitoring for middleware support teams.
  • Pre-built Dashboards
  • Pre-configured Alerts
  • Up to 5 Solution Packages
  • Historical Data Retention
  • Deploy On-premise or as Amazon AMI

Enterprise Edition

Application-aware monitoring for middleware and middleware-powered applications and services.
  • All Middleware Edition Functionality
  • Unlimited Solution Packages
  • Service & Application Aware
  • Custom Displays & Flow Diagrams
  • Aggregation & Correlation