Find it Fast. Fix it Fast. With SL RTView

Imagine if you could quickly find performance problems before they became high-severity events.  Think how quickly you could respond if you knew just where to look.  Now consider how much pain and financial loss you could avoid with early identification and rapid response.

With RTView, you could reduce high-severity events by 80% or more and save potentially millions of dollars in lost revenue and downtime costs.




Unlocking the Black Box: Middleware

RTView provides in-depth visibility into the middleware layer a typical blind spot for most APM vendors.

Middleware is the glue that connects all of your software applications.  If these core platforms become overloaded or under-resourced, your application performance and availability will suffer.  Middleware monitoring is critical for anyone supporting middleware-powered applications.

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Pre-Built Displays
Start monitoring right away with dashboards
built by the middleware monitoring experts.

Don't waste time building dashboards from scratch.  Each RTView Solution Package ships with a number of pre-built dashboards so you are start monitoring from Day One.

RTView's All Instances summaries make it easy to determine which areas need investigation so you can manage by exception rather than manually inspecting each and every instance.  Then, drill-down when you need more detail to locate and resolve flagged issues.


Custom Displays
All your application components, in context.

Think your applications are so complex that only an application architect can troubleshoot them?  Think again.

RTView Enterprise Edition provides a custom display builder so you can visually map out your application, service or process flows in a way that ANY team member can intuitively understand and quickly locate problems for triage and troubleshooting.


Alert Management
Be the first to know when trouble starts brewing

Alert management is the core intelligence of any resource monitoring system. However, defining and configuring alert criteria requires deep domain knowledge.

Our RTView monitoring experts have already identified the critical performance metrics needed within each of our Solution Packages and have already pre-configured warning and critical alert thresholds so you don't have to.  Just click to enable or modify - either globally or by exception - for the easiest setup possible.


Historical Context
Cached and persistent history for better troubleshooting

Thorough troubleshooting requires that you understand how problems occur and develop so that you can make sure that they don't happen repeatedly.

RTView intelligently caches data in-memory for instant access and can be stored persistently for long-term capacity analysis.  Our time-series trend charts easily differentiate between transient spikes and slow-growth trends so that you can respond appropriately.  You can even troubleshoot problems that have already been resolved before you've had a chance to investigate so that you are not doomed to repeat them.


Application-aware context for faster troubleshooting

Finding one bad needle in your application haystack can be very time-consuming in composite applications because you don't know where to look amidst 1,000's of servers and processes.

RTView connects the dots to intelligently group related components within an application and service architecture.  Now you don't have to hunt through unrelated infrastructure for problems related to one specific application.  Intelligent drill-down gets you there fast and Key Metrics History Heatmaps gives you a correlated, time-series snapshot allowing you to see how problems in one component begin to impact others in the same application context and find true root cause.


Data collection and integration with external systems

Middleware resource performance is often the canary in the coal mine that provides advance warning BEFORE applications start generating errors and transactions start slowing.  But middleware performance data can be some of the hardest data to find.

Only RTView has the breadth of middleware-monitoring data, combined with the supporting infrastructure that impacts middleware performance to provide complete visibility.  Data is collected without agents or recoding so as not to impact application or service performance.  And metrics can be accessed directly through the RTView dashboards or can be imported into other systems using our export APIs.

Flexible architecture for distributed environments

Middleware environments are inherently distributed, so why trust a centralized monitoring system to scale?

RTView scales like no other:

  • Data is cached locally to avoid network flooding and is only sent to the browser when requested.  No centralized storage bottleneck.
  • Intake can be throttled from a sub-second response to 15-minute intervals.
  • Agentless data collection adds no processing burden to target system
  • Deploy RTView on-premise, in a container,  on the cloud or all of the above.

Pick the Right RTView for YOU!

Compare Editions

Middleware Edition

Middleware infrastructure monitoring for middleware support teams.
  • Pre-built Dashboards
  • Pre-configured Alerts
  • Up to 5 Solution Packages
  • Historical Data Retention
  • Deploy On-premise or as Amazon AMI

Enterprise Edition

Application-aware monitoring for middleware and middleware-powered applications and services.
  • All Middleware Edition Functionality
  • Unlimited Solution Packages
  • Service & Application Aware
  • Custom Displays & Flow Diagrams
  • Aggregation & Correlation



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