RTView Enterprise Monitor Solution Packages

The RTView Enterprise Monitor® End-to-End Monitoring Platform uses Solution Packages to gather and process performance metrics from a wide variety of different technologies.

Solution Packages are prepackaged solutions for gathering metrics and data from specific technologies.

An RTView Enterprise Monitor deployment may include a single Solution Package or may combine any or all Solution Packages. When combined with other Solution Packages, performance metrics and alerts from a wide variety of technologies and other monitoring tools can all be aggregated into a single view. Users can also consolidate metrics from existing monitoring solutions and tools in order to provide visibility across an entire application. Using RTView Enterprise Monitor’s CMDB functionality, users are able to create service models that allow them to trace service impact and prioritize issues based on their business impact.

Available Solution Packages

RTView Enterprise Monitor offers Solution Packages for a number of different technologies. Please click on any solution package below for more information.

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Connectors allow RTView Enterprise Monitor to connect to existing sources of performance data

Connectors are often preferable to installing local agents on target systems when you already have an infrastructure like TIBCO Hawk or Oracle Enterprise Manager in place. Connectors are used to feed performance data to existing solution packages but you can quickly create Custom Solution packages using the RTView Builder.



Functional Detail

Solution Packages are prepackaged solutions for gathering metrics and dOracle Coherence Monitor Cluster Overview Screenshotata from specific technologies. Each Solution Packages will include the following features and capabilities:

  1. Data adapter: real time asynchronous or query- based polling
  2. Transform functions for the transformation and aggregation incoming data
  3. Internal memory caches used for rapid data access
  4. Rule Engine for customizing rules and actions
  5. Historian for aggregating and compacting historical data over time
  6. Pre-built displays provide high level summary & drilldown displays


Custom Solution Packages

In addition to the standard Solution Packages, you can quickly create Custom Solution packages using the RTView Builder. The Builder is a development environment that allows you to:

  • define data access using a variety of data adapters
  • rules for persisting that data to the Historian
  • alert rules applied to the data
  • drag and drop display building features to visualize the data

Oracle Coherence Monitor Cluster Overview Screenshot