RTView® Solution Packages


Solution Packages are prepackaged solutions for gathering metrics and data from specific technologies. Consisting of a real-time data adapter performing the collection, transformation, and aggregation of incoming data, RTView solution packages include an in-memory data cache, a rules engine, and a historian for aggregating and compacting historical data over time. Each solution package also includes pre-built dashboards and pre-configured alert thresholds that seamlessly plug into the RTView monitor so that you can get up and running quickly without any programming.

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Amazon Web Services Solution Package Docker Solution Package IBM - DB2 Solution Package IBM MQ Solution Package IBM WebSphere Solution Pacakge JBoss Solution Pacakge JVM Apache Kafka Monitoring Solution Package MondoDB  Solution Package MuleSoft Solution Package Node.js Orcale Coherence Oracle Database Oracle Enterprise Manager Oracle WebLogic Solace TIBCO ActiveMatrix  TIBCO ActiveSpaces TIBCO BusinessEvents TIBCO BusinessWorks TIBCO EMS  TIBCO Hawk Tomcat VMWare RTView Host Agent UX Monitor