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Real-time Visibility for Solace Messaging

With each Solace router able to route 24 million messages per second to thousands of destinations, – it is essential to maintain a clear picture of the behavior of your infrastructure at the application, middleware and network layers.

The RTView® Enterprise Edition: Solution Package for Solace Message Router is an easy to use, easy to configure monitoring platform. The Solution Package for Solace Message Router provides this clarity through the use of pre-configured alert thresholds and pre-built dashboards. RTView® Enterprise Edition helps you stay on top of it.


Maximize performance of your applications through capacity and bottleneck analysis
Monitor health & stability of message routers, VPNs, bridges, clients and endpoints
Minimize downtime through proactive monitoring
Speed recovery by quickly pinpointing the source of problems

Monitor All Your Solace Routers in One Place

Message Router Appliances

Single screen visibility into entire Solace environment

Virtual Message Routers
Monitor virtual and physical routers together for maximum flexibility

Solace Router On Premise
Distributed architecture allows easy monitoring of global deployment

Solace Router In the Cloud
Deploy in the cloud to monitor hosted instances

Complete Solace Metrics

View detailed metrics on all aspects of your messaging infrastructure performance and availability so you know at-a-glance how your devices are performing.
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Solace Architecture - Cache Locally, Monitor Globally