Solution Package for TIBCO BusinessWorks

Monitor TIBCO BusinessWorks health in context with other application environment variables for faster troubleshooting and greater comprehension of performance metrics.

We know it’s not easy managing and monitoring all the TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks™ servers that power your mission-critical applications.

It’s hard enough figuring out which ones are clustered and load-balanced, which ones impact which applications and services and what “normal” performance metrics should be for any given instance.

BW troubleshooting is even more difficult when you factor in slow hosts, overloaded VMs, sluggish databases, backed-up message queues and other potentially problematic environment variables that impact BW performance.

Consolidate high level views across an entire TIBCO BusinessWorks estate and drill down to immediately identify underlying issues.

RTView Enterprise Monitor® helps you overcome of the difficulties in monitoring applications and services powered by TIBCO BusinessWorks through the use of shared health and performance dashboards, integrated with your applications at the service model layer, so that it’s simple enough that developers, application support and middleware operations teams can all use the same single pane of glass.

BW Monitor in Context
Application Support Get health and status updates of BW-powered applications and services. Drill down to identify which components need immediate investigation.

Data, in the form of Alerts, is very hard to utilize in a vacuum and thus requires context to properly understand what you are looking at and determine its impact on the business. RTView provides that context in the form of visual correlation based on and in-depth (and largely automated) understanding of your application’s service model.

Troubleshoot Application Health Issues Faster

RTView aggregates the health status of all BW servers, engines and processes, as well as other supporting infrastructure components that support a given application or service, and then display the health status of the application, as a whole, to application support teams and business owners in the form of a self-service dashboard. Users can drill-down on any application-level visual alert and get more information on which underlying infrastructure components are contributing to this alert condition. This allows application support teams to diagnose performance issues faster, and to a deeper level than before so that they can quickly escalate issues to the proper team rather than taking the shotgun approach of calling everybody into the war room to see who’s “it”.

Verify That Your Clustered Services and Nodes are Properly Load-balanced

RTView can display a group of clustered BW engines or servers as a single entity and represent the health state of that cluster as a whole. One more click expands that cluster of load-balanced engines so that you can see the performance metrics of each, side-by-side, and easily spot any inconsistencies resulting from uneven load-balancing that might degrade the performance of the whole cluster.

Troubleshoot BW Performance Issues in Relation to Other Application Environment Variables

RTView can display both the real-time See how other application environment variables are affecting health state of all application components as well as provide a historical view of all key performance metrics. While the real-time view can identify which components are experiencing performance issues right now, the historical view gives you visual context so that you can identify which error conditions started first or which ones started occurring at roughly the same time – allowing you to gain valuable insights into what may be causing the problem other than the BusinessWorks engines themselves.


Monitor Your Middleware Platform Health Independent from Applications

RTView presents different views for individual roles within an enterprise. The infrastructure view neatly clusters infrastructure components into different groups and services so that middleware ops teams can view all middleware, TIBCO Middleware, TIBCO BW Middleware and even by BW engine, server and process. Clicking on any of these groups takes you to more granular information so that you can zero in on any potential alerts. Routine daily scans of middleware components are normal in most organizations and RTView allows you to save time by doing it all within a single pane of glass, presented the way middleware ops teams want to see it.

Diagnose Performance Issues over Time with Historical Data

RTView provides historical context of performance metrics using a Visualize BW performance over time to understand is issues are gradual, recurring trends or sudden spikes.historian function with intelligent data compaction. Historical trend graphs for individual components illustrate whether an error condition is a growing trend, a sudden spike or a routine occurrence that regularly repeats itself in the ebb and flow of daily or monthly activities. Key metrics graphs provide health status conditions of related application or middleware components over time allowing you to see how BW performance is reacting to or impacting other application component variables.


Functionality Benefit
All BW Server Heat Map View
  • High level view of BW server performance for CPU and Memory utilization or the number of alerts on any BW server. Helps you immediately identify faulty or under-performing servers and reduce support costs
  • Drill down to see performance of each BW engine, processes and activities
All BW Server Grid View
  • Single at-a-glance view of current and historical performance of all BW Servers
    • CPU: Current and History
    • Memory: Current and History
    • Number of Deployed & Active Engines
    • Server Status: Active
  • Saves time to troubleshoot
  • Assists in capacity planning
  • Can reduce support costs
Single BW Server Summary
  • See a complete picture for individual server health and performance with any component alerts.
Historian with data compaction
  • Visualize message data in trend charts and go back in time to view message metrics from prior periods. Aids in determining capacity utilization and planning, reduces time to troubleshoot.
  • Compaction feature helps save database space and reduce licensing costs.
Administer, View, or Customize BW Alerts
  • Centralize and manage all BW alerts from Hawk and other RTView BW alerts in the central RTView Enterprise Monitor alert console
    • Track alerts for entire BW environment even if Hawk alerts have not yet been configured
    • Auto-discover new BW instances even if Hawk has not been yet manually configured