IoT Monitoring

Monitoring Distributed Devices


Devices are getting smarter every day thanks to cheaper sensors and wireless access everywhere.  The opportunity to harness the collective power of these networked devices and create new insights is real and available - if you have the right IoT Monitoring tools.

SL helps organizations monitor the performance of infrastructure and devices in real-time to enable early alerting, provide dashboards for intuitive decision-making and build complex command and control applications.  Our powerful and scalable development tools enable companies to build interactive applications that provide real-time visibility and contextual awareness.

Real-time Alerting

Set thresholds and get alerted immediately if anything falls outside of established norms.

Dashboard Visibility

Build interactive dashboards using either streaming or collected data so that everyone has access to the latest performance metrics.

Command and Control

Control of your devices helps to close the loop between information and action so that you can put your performance insights into action.

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International Space Station Demo

Welcome to the ISS Monitor site.  This site is a technology showcase for the powerful combination RTView® Cloud and Lightstreamer.  ISS metrics are streamed live from TieTronix using the Lightstreamer real-time messaging server and displayed by RTView® Cloud, SL’s next-generation monitoring platform.