End-to-End Monitoring for Oracle

RTView® Enterprise Edition Provides Complete End-to-End Monitoring of Complex Applications built on Heterogeneous Middleware & Infrastructure


Nearly all of the worlds’ leading companies rely on Oracle database, middleware, and hardware to power their most demanding, complex applications. But when it comes to monitoring application performance and uptime, many of the critical pieces of this infrastructure remain a black box to development and operations teams across the enterprise. Existing monitoring tools built for a single technology are poorly suited to provide holistic views of application healthstate, or provide intelligence regarding which of the underlying components may be at fault.

RRTView® Enterprise Edition provides integrated, end-to-end views of critical applications and services across all layers of the application infrastructure, facilitating collaboration across operations teams and application owners. Now, critical applications built on technologies such as Oracle Coherence, Oracle WebLogic, and Oracle Database can be monitored using a single monitoring platform that provides greater insight into the interdependencies across these Oracle technologies, and well as with the other non-Oracle pieces of the deployment environment.

High-level views provide health state status for only the business applications of concern to app owners and support teams. Users are able to drill down to the individual component level to view real-time and historical performance metrics for proactively identifying issues.

RTView® Enterprise Edition includes Solution Packages for the following Oracle technologies:

Oracle Monitoring Screenshot - Correlating Coherence performance with WebLogic performance
Oracle Monitoring Screenshot - Oracle Coherence Cluster Overview