End-to-End Monitoring for TIBCO

Correlate Performance across TIBCO Technologies for Greater Operational Insight


Simplify management with a consolidated view and centralized alerting across your TIBCO estate.

Pinpoint the exact infrastructure component causing problems in your custom application with just a few clicks.

Spot performance problems as they develop and fix them before they become an issue.

Provide a simple web interface to developers and business owners for performance data and health status.

RTView® Enterprise Edition is a health and performance monitoring application that monitors your critical applications and infrastructure and lets you know when any problems might impact the overall stability of your custom application through pre-defined alerts and pre-built dashboards.

SL provides a complete list of Solution Packages for popular application infrastructure components for both TIBCO and non-TIBCO components – including the following TIBCO technologies:

TIBCO Solution Packages and Connectors

TIBCO ActiveSpaces
TIBCO ActiveMatrix
TIBCO BusineeEvents
TIBCO BusinessWorks
TIBCO EMS (Enterprise Message Service)


TIBCO Solution Packages and Connectors

Head off problems before they impact

Monitoring your applications and infrastructure proactively for early warning alerts enables you to address alerts before they become significant problems. Explicit criticality of alerts helps you prioritize which ones to address first based on which applications are more important to the enterprise operation.

Diagnose performance issues faster

When your complex application goes down, you can spend hours identifying which service or component is causing the problem.  Application health dashboards let you start at the top and drill-down to see where the alerts are coming from for that particular app rather than looking at all alerts in general.

Spot trends and spikes

Individual alerts can sometimes be difficult to interpret without context.  Trend charts can give you the context needed to understand whether an alert is part of a growing trend, a regular pattern or an uncharacteristic spike.  Trend analysis is also a useful tool when assessing scalability and capacity planning.   RTView’s ability to intelligently store historical performance data set’s it apart from other monitoring tools.

Empower help-desk staff

Without end-to-end visibility, time-sensitive troubleshooting often requires highly skilled front line support personnel with in-depth knowledge of a given application or requires all-hands-on-deck elimination-style troubleshooting.  With end-to-end visibility, even moderately trained staff can pinpoint problems and contact the right experts for speedy resolution.

Reduce alert overload

The alerts from across your enterprise can be overwhelming and difficult to tell which ones are important and which ones are not. RTView can filter out just the alerts you care about in context with the just applications you care about and can help you prioritize which alerts are more important and need to be addressed first.

See everything in one pane of glass

As applications become more complex and distributed, there are more components that need to be monitored to ensure the health of your application.  RTView allows you to drill-down to individual application components including both TIBCO and non-TIBCO technologies so that you don’t waste time and expertise swapping between different monitoring applications to pinpoint problems.