Middleware Edition

Enterprise Edition

Pre-Built Displays
Easily visualize large volumes of data
Each technology-specific solution package comes with multiple pre-built dashboards

HTML display for browser-based access

Visual heatmaps, trends charts and status icons

Sort and reorder columns in data tables

Custom Displays
Create and modify displays to simplify complex data
Use IDE to build custom monitoring displays and process flow diagrams to add visual context and illustrate complex application flows


Automatically generate process flow diagrams based on a process description document


Modify existing, pre-built dashboards to your specs


Centralized alert management made easy
Pre-built alert definitions – click to enable

Pre-configured alert thresholds – click to edit

Enable and configure alerts globally – not one at a time (exceptions can be managed individually)

Alert notification support for email and text message

Export alerts to other systems like ServiceNow or Splunk

Filter alerts by role


Cached and persistent history for added context
Trend-charts differentiate between sudden spikes and slower, more gradual trends

Metrics cached in local data servers provides initial values and historical context to troubleshoot conditions prior to problem onset and resolution

Persistent data storage in a time-series database optimized for high-performance allow for extended data storage and analysis

Data compaction intelligently reduces the granularity of data over time to maximize storage performance and optimize for long-term capacity analysis

Visualize the impact of one technology performance issue on application ecosystem
Service Tree health summaries of applications and services based on state of underlying infrastructure


Service Views summarize infrastructure health in the context of specific applications and services


Key Metrics highlight when problems started and if they are related for root cause analysis between multiple components


Custom grouping of infrastructure in display for easier management when monitoring 100s or 1000s of middleware and infrastructure components


Data collection and integration with external systems
Choose from dozens of Solution Packages that plug seamlessly into RTView with pre-built displays and alerts

Limited to 5 Solution Packages

Unlimited Number of Solution Packages

Agentless data collection for most monitored systems ensures minimal impact on application and service performance

Export data using documented APIs for shared access to middleware performance metrics if an Enterprise APM platform is already in place

Export alerts to other systems like ServiceNow or Splunk

Flexible architecture for distributed environments
Cache real-time metrics in local data server, close to source

Data streams to central display only when needed to avoid excess network traffic

Update frequency configurable from sub-second intervals to 15 minutes or more

Agentless data collection adds no processing burden to target system

Deploy on-premise

Deploy in a container (Docker)

Deploy in Cloud (Amazon)

Centrally monitor on-premise, containerized and cloud data sources in single, consolidated monitor