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SL’s RTView provides real-time middleware monitoring, analytics & visualization of critical business applications built on integration middleware, across all application layers and infrastructure tiers. Packaged solutions for TIBCO Monitoring, Solace Monitoring, and Apache Kafka Monitoring.


Middleware Monitoring

Better Middleware Monitoring. Still using the management console for each product to monitor your middleware platforms? It doesn’t have to be so complicated.


See all your middleware technologies
in one consolidated interface.

Collect data without
performance overhead.

Correlate performance with hosts,
networks, databases & app servers.

Start small.
Expand as needed.

If You Have Apache Kafka You Need Monitoring

RTView for Kafka Monitoring can be used to provide a Kafka-only monitor or within a larger RTView Enterprise Edition system that also provides visibility into the complementary technologies that make up a Kafka-based service or application.

Monitor All of Your Solace PubSub+ Message Brokers in One Place

RTView® Solace Monitor is an easy-to-use, easy-to-configure monitoring platform for Solace.


Helping TIBCO customers Since 2002

We have more expertise in monitoring TIBCO technology than anyone else. Let us help you make the most of your TIBCO middleware investments.


Include monitoring of legacy IBM systems as an integrated part of your middleware monitoring solution.

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