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  • Webinar: Proactively Monitoring your Applications built on Multiple Technologies

    Are you supporting applications with components and frameworks from different vendors? Are you migrating from one technology to another and struggling to effectively monitor it all?

    As your application architecture evolves, so does the need for effective, non-intrusive monitoring that can be easily extended to accommodate new frameworks and components.

  • TIBCO Middleware Monitoring – Overcoming the Unique Challenges

    Users are faced with a number of different options when it comes to monitoring their TIBCO environments. Many monitoring approaches can get the job done but others are less effective.

    Can APM (Application Performance Monitoring) tools be extended to monitor TIBCO? Yes, of course they can but they have serious limitations, are highly intrusive, and expensive to license and maintain.

    Learn more about these real limitations and how you can get the job done more effectively, faster, and at a lower cost of ownership.

  • 4 Ways to Maximize your IoT Visualization Adoption

    When it comes to providing real-time data visualization for IoT projects, developers must choose from a confusing array of options: simple dashboard components, open source libraries, open source platforms, and various commercial offerings. In this 30-minute webinar, we will help you cut through the confusion. Learn the 4 Ways to Maximize your IoT Visualization Adoption, including:

  • Kafka Monitoring As A Service

    SL is now offering Monitoring as a Service for middleware technologies with initial availability for monitoring Apache Kafka with RTView Cloud. Learn more about Kafka Monitoring As A Service in this 30 minute product demo.

  • Kafka Monitoring Within Complex Environments

    Watch this brief 30 minute intro and demo to learn how to monitor gaps within your Kafka and messaging environments. We will show you how you can gain the competitive advantage.

  • What’s New with TIBCO Middleware Monitoring

    What’s New With TIBCO Middleware Monitoring was a session given at TIBCO Now San Diego 2017 By Ted Wilson, SL COO and Rahul Kamdar from TIBCO. In this session, they discussed the proactive performance monitoring of TIBCO integration platforms is the most effective way to avoid problems. Learn about how TIBCO® RTView® is constantly evolving to meet demand for consolidated visibility across the latest TIBCO technologies deployed in modern multi-cloud, PaaS, and  hybrid environments.

  • Introduction to TIBCO Monitoring Live Demo

    Ever wondered if there was an easier way to predict, detect and identify problems in your TIBCO middleware stack? Well, here it is!

    Watch this 20-minute live demo, and we'll walk you through the basics of TIBCO middleware monitoring with RTView.

  • 10 EMS Monitoring Tips In 30 Minutes

    At SL, we have been helping TIBCO customers monitor their Enterprise Message Service middleware for more than 10 years. In collaboration with our customers, we have compiled a list of best practices to help you monitor your EMS platform and the applications powered by it. In this 30-minute webinar we illustrate these use case scenarios and more:

    • Providing self-service performance metrics to developers.
    • Setting thresholds to monitor queue size
    • Confirming that Automatic Contingency is Being Triggered in Real Time
    • Performing Regular Hygiene Audits
    • Alerting on listener starts and stop

  • Middleware Monitoring Demo at Major Bank

    Following is an RTView® Enterprise Edition product demonstration given by Alejandro Ayestaran from Citibank from a session given at TIBCO Now and a recent Webinar entitled: Need Middleware Monitoring?  Build a Better Business Case.  In this video segment, Alejandro demonstrates RTView Enterprise monitor running in the production environment for their TIBCO-centric Online Banking Applications. If you wish to view the entire webinar where Alejandro shares his own experience building a business case and achieving results, please visit the SL webinars and events page: https://sl.com/about-us/webinars-events/

  • Programming Challenges in Developing Realtime Data Visualizations

    Streaming data is all around us and yet it is generally limited to updating automated systems. Organizations can unlock even more value out of their streaming data with custom dashboard applications designed for human consumption.

    However, building dashboards for real-time streams of information comes with a unique set of challenges.  Tom Lubinski  addresses the issues and solutions for  them in this Lightning Talk which was given at Stream Conference 2016.

  • Build a Better Business Case for Middleware Monitoring!

    In this breakout session from TIBCO NOW 2016, Citibank and SL executives teach you how to build a compelling business case for execs and purchasing committees that makes dollars and sense. Alejandro Ayestaran from Citibank also demos his production RTView monitor for their TIBCO Online Banking Applications and shares his own experience building a business case and achieving results.

  • Live Demo: RTView – More than just TIBCO

    In this video, David Hickman will show you how RTView also monitors dozens of other technologies commonly deployed in TIBCO-centric application environments including: Middleware from IBM, Oracle & Solace, Physical hosts, virtual machines and containers, Open source apps like JBoss, Tomcat, Docker, Node.js, MongoDB and more!

  • Live Demo: All-in-One TIBCO Monitoring

    Glyn Edevane, Sr. Solutions Engineer will walk you through our All-in-One TIBCO Monitoring solution for both your TIBCO technologies as well as the non-TIBCO technologies that they run on. In just 30 minutes or less.

  • Live Demo: All-in-One TIBCO Monitoring June 8th, 2016

    RTView Enterprise Monitor® simplifies your daily monitoring routine and provides valuable insight into how your TIBCO and related infrastructure are interoperating together, in context with the applications they support, so that you can anticipate performance problems, resolve incidents faster and analyze future capacity requirements. See how you can monitor BW, EMS, BE, AMX, TAS, Adapters, Hawk and the hosts, databases and app servers they depend on in one place.

  • Live Product Demo – Jan 28, 2016

    In this 30 minute demo, an SL engineer takes you through a demonstration of RTView Enterprise Monitor and shows you a consolidated view of application resources, how to visualize different technologies and how they inter-relate in real time and how to extend RTView metrics with data collected by 3rd party tools like Tivoli and Remedy.

  • 10 Tips for Better BusinessEvents Monitoring

    Learn how to predict and prevent performance issues in TIBCO BusinessEvents with RTView using RTView Enterprise Monitor® or TIBCO® RTView® for BusinessEvents using these 10 best practices. You’ll have a new appreciation for middleware monitoring and it’s power to help Prevent incidents, Predict resource usage and Protect your company from embarrassing outages.

  • The All-in-One TIBCO Monitor

    RTView Enterprise Monitor® simplifies your daily monitoring routine and provides valuable insight into how your TIBCO and related infrastructure are interoperating together, in context with the applications they support, so that you can anticipate performance problems, resolve incidents faster and analyze future capacity requirements.

  • New Advances in TIBCO BusinessWorks Monitoring

    There is a lot going on with TIBCO BusinessWorks today and TIBCO RTView BusinessWorks Monitor is no exception. In this webinar, we’ll show you how you can properly support both BW5 and BW6 deployments – including hybrid environments and migration projects – with all new BW6 support and Spotfire report templates.

  • 7 Reasons to Extend your Standalone RTView to Enterprise Monitor

    Take your standalone RTView monitoring capability to the next level. Extend your current framework to see more of your middleware environment including physical and virtual hosts, databases, app servers, data grids, CEP engines and even cloud service providers – whether they come from TIBCO or other best of breed middleware providers. The more context you have regarding the systems that potentially impact your middleware performance, the better you can anticipate and react to performance problems.

  • Advanced Coherence Monitoring

    Multi-tenancy is one of the great benefits of using a shared Oracle Coherence architecture. But once you scale beyond 2-3 applications, then the management of that shared in-memory capacity becomes much more complex than you might imagine.In this webinar, Everett Williams, SL’s resident Coherence expert and Senior Director of Technology, walks you through several different architectural options and discuss the benefits and challenges of each. We will also show you how RTView Oracle Coherence Monitor was used to address those challenges.

  • 10 TIBCO BusinessWorks Monitoring Tips in 30 Minutes

    BW troubleshooting can be difficult and time consuming, especially when you factor in slow hosts, overloaded VMs, sluggish databases, backed-up message queues and other potentially problematic environment variables that impact BW performance. In this webinar, you will learn several best practices for monitoring TIBCO BusinessWorks and see a demo of RTView Enterprise Monitor.

  • Introducing RTView Enterprise Monitor® 1.5

    ED Koo, VP of Technical Services, shows you all the new enhancements to this release including new performance monitoring solutions for TIBCO ActiveMatrix, Oracle Enterprise Manager, UX Monitor, Host Monitor, metric explorer and more.

  • The Foundation – High-Performance Architecture

    Some monitoring solutions are simply not designed for high-performance applications. See how RTView Enterprise Monitor’s agentless data collection and distributed, cache-based architecture for storage, processing and retrieval of key metrics ensures optimal performance and uptime of mission-critical applications.

  • Redefining End-to-End Monitoring with RTView Enterprise Monitor

    Application monitoring requirements have changed as the applications themselves have changed by adopting distributed, middleware-driven, multi-tier architectures. Watch and learn how RTView Enterprise Monitor makes it simple and cost effective to monitor today’s high-performance applications.

  • Oracle Coherence Monitoring 101

    Whether you have just deployed Oracle Coherence or have been working with it for a while, you need to learn the skills necessary to master the monitoring challenges of your business critical scalable architecture.

    Our in-house Oracle Coherence expert, Everett Williams, a former Coherence Development Team member, walks you through the basics of Oracle Coherence Monitoring 101 in this 30 minute webinar.

  • RTView Core® 6.5 Improves Performance and Flexibility with Additional HTML5 Enhancements

    This webinar reviews some of the new features:

    RTView graphical objects, including rectangle, circle, checkbox, and label objects, have been enhanced to allow them to be rendered as HTML elements in a Web thin-client deployment.

    Status History graph now supports a new property to limit size of label area, mouseover text returns and custom definition of a Right/Double-click context menu.

    TIBCO Hawk Data source includes a new column to obtain the amount of time, in milliseconds, that a subscription data process took.