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Kafka monitor

Webinar: Kafka – Tamed! 9 Steps to Manage your Adoption Risk

Kafka-dependent Applications Require Active Monitoring Kafka architecture is more complicated than traditional messaging systems and it requires implementing and managing a different set of components.These additional components will pose increased risk to your critical business applications if not properly monitored. Some of these risks […]

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Webinar: Proactively Monitoring your Applications built on Multiple Technologies

Are you supporting applications with components and frameworks from different vendors? Are you migrating from one technology to another and struggling to effectively monitor it all? As your application architecture evolves, so does the need for effective, non-intrusive monitoring that can be easily extended […]

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TIBCO Middleware Monitoring – Overcoming the Unique Challenges

Proactively monitoring middleware environments requires purpose-build monitoring tools. APM, frequently extended to these environments, fails to provide the required visibility. In this Webinar we review some of the different approaches to monitoring complex, middleware-centric applications and why APM (Application Performance Monitoring) so often falls […]

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