IoT World 2019 – Santa Clara CA

Join 12,500 IoT professionals exploring 100,000 sq ft of innovative technology solutions

Although your data can be complex, building and deploying dashboards shouldn’t be. SL excels in transforming your real-time streaming data into rich visual presentations that can be viewed anytime, anywhere, and from any device.

SL’s new RTView Cloud platform allows you to easily build customizable dashboards from any web browser and deploy them in the Cloud - with no programming.

  • It supports team collaboration with an innovative publishing capability to support rapid prototyping and deployment.
  • RTView Cloud includes an extensive pallet of objects and functions so you can easily create custom dashboards via click & drag.  Don’t reinvent the wheel by programming your dashboards from scratch.
  • SL’s GitHub portal provides IOT-focused projects and integrations to jump start your efforts.

Stop by booth 630

For more information, read our recent blog post:  “Marriage made in RTView”; IoT and Enterprise Messaging Systems

What’s happening at SL Booth #630?

Solace will be in the SL booth at IoT World and will be co-presenting the IoT solution of “visualizing data from things’ in RTView. Data will be coming through Solace brokers into RTView and in some cases direct into RTView from IoT devices themselves.   Check out our race track demo and take a spin for fun prizes!!


Sign up at the show for a 6 Month subscription of RTView Cloud for IOT and receive a Free Bosch XDK Device - $200 Value DOUBLE PROMOTION: Fully Paid Subscriptions Receive the Bosch XDK Device and 6 Months for the 5 Month Price. ($500)

This is a limited time offer valid from May 14 – May 16, 2019



SL will also have a presence in the Cumulocity booth #409 showing RTView working within the Cumulocity Cockpit to provide enhanced and custom visualization of industry-specific IoT applications for Cumulocity customers. Cumulocity users will also have the option of advanced visualization; building, publishing of dashboards and integrating with other data types from outside of Cumulocity cockpit with RTView Cloud.  To learn more about this collaboration click here: RTView for Cumulocity IoT

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