Be Proactive – Be the IT Superhero!

By Tom Lubinski

You build, deploy and/or support “big money” applications at your company. Does the thought of Sev 1 incidents affecting those applications keep you up at night? Do your nightmares involve incident alarms going off, faces of angry bosses and getting caught with no quick resolution? Do you dream of being the IT Superhero, seamlessly keeping all your systems up while saving your company both time and money?

Over the years we have learned a lot about keeping applications up and running. Our years of experience have shown that for many companies there is no urgency until something bad actually takes place and money is lost. You don’t want that “dreaded outage”. You don’t want the application you are responsible for going down. Below, we discuss three challenges that we have seen that cause alarms to go off.

Complete View

Application and middleware data used to live on-premise alone. Now it lives not only on-premise but within various distributed cloud providers and on various infrastructures. With so much data in different places, it is difficult to bring it all into one single view. SL’s RTView consolidates your data from your various Tibco and other technologies such as BE, BW, EMS and Kaftka along with information from your cloud providers, as well as infrastructure information, providing you with a complete view of your system.

RTView EM has been designed from the ground up for performance, power, and flexibility. The data server layer is architected to collect and locally process monitoring data from any number of middleware and infrastructure sources. Source data is accessed agentlessly via API, stored in caches for fast access, aggregated, normalized and then made available to the metadata layer, where threshold and alert logic is applied based upon the dynamic cache map that RTView maintains. The relevant data is then passed up to the EM server layer where service-model integration and display logic is applied so data can be viewed in a number of advanced visualizations.

Empowered People

Frequently we’ve found information has not previously been available or accessible to the right people. IT Groups have tended to work in a bubble and were the only people with access to the data. A further problem occurred when they didn’t always know what that data meant. They can’t possibly be experts in how all the applications are supposed to be running.  SL bursts that bubble by allowing ALL the groups such as Management,  App Support, Business Teams, and Operations to have access to the specific data they need.  RTView offers self-service by allowing users a way to monitor what is important to them. By decentralizing the support burden, RTView empowers each group to have what they need to make the important decisions and view it in a way that makes sense to them.

In many cases, the IT Support Team is supporting over 1000 applications. They may not have the information needed to know whether a backup of 500 messages is normal or if those backups could potentially bring down the application. Users who understand the applications can now see the information themselves and even publish and share it with the other members of the team who need to know. With RTView, users solve potential problems before any alarms are generated.

Most importantly, while RTView provides broad, web-based access to all performance monitoring information, it does it without compromising security.

Focus: Making Sense of the Data

Once users have the data, how do they make sense of that data? How do you tie all the disparate pieces of information from the different parts of your system into useful information? RTView groups together disparate components based on context so that you understand the impact of one component on another. RTView does this with early warning signs and business service impact alerts. Now that the users have the data they need, they also have correlation and clarity around the data giving them a focused view. This focused view is what helps to stop those alarms from sounding.

Support for Connected Intelligence

Several years ago, I had a prospect come to us evaluating RTView.  They were in talks with us for a year or more but did not make a purchase.  Then he had a major outage during the busiest season and his boss wanted to know why they had lost  millions of dollars.  He knew at that time that he had to get RTView in place before this happens again so they can get early warnings to help solve the problems.  He needed RTView to provide the right (complete) Information to the right (empowered) people in the right (focused) context so that everyone can do their jobs most effectively and save lost revenue.  By implementing RTView he has been able to avoid these Sev 1 incidents.  We enable our customers to be proactive and stop problems before they bring down your applications.  At SL we are experienced and passionate about helping you fight the fires before they grow out of control.


be proactive, be the IT superhero