• How Real-Time Do You Want To Be ?

    Application Monitoring, Developer's Corner

    In his recent post in The Virtualization Practice, Bernd Harzog hits the nail on the head with Real-Time Monitoring: Almost Always a Lie. Here, Bernd points out that, in contrast to marketing claims that a monitoring solution is real-time, the fact is that multiple stages of […]

  • The CMDB of the Future

    Application Monitoring, Developer's Corner

    (NOTE: This post appeared in the January 13 issue of APMdigest) The complex software applications that run modern businesses are often referred to as “mission-critical” and must be kept running 24×7. Unfortunately, the complexity of these applications is often so great that keeping them in […]

  • The Internet – Kali’s Playground

    Application Monitoring

    Kali is the hindu Goddess of Time and Change. Some fear her as the Goddess of Destruction, but devotees of Kali know she has a dual nature. In layman terms, change requires destruction so new things can be born. For well over a decade, […]

  • Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus

    Application Monitoring

    The holiday season is sneaking up on us, and we take great pleasure in answering at once this communication below (from Virginia): – Dear Editor: I am a newbie to monitoring critical business applications. – Some of my little friends say there is no […]

  • What Failed: My App or my Infrastructure ?

    Application Monitoring

    Matthew, a talented Application Support guy, is shown in the image to the left enjoying a relaxing day at the beach. When his boss calls, he manages to craft something of a smile, but my guess is that he is not very happy right […]

  • Oops, We Forgot to Monitor That Server

    Application Monitoring

    As the owner of a critical application on which your business depends, how many times have you heard something like “Oops, we forgot to set up monitoring on that server?” Usually this is heard a short while after the application has crashed and shut […]

  • Imagine: A World With No Log Files

    Developer's Corner

    I like to balance my time between thinking about how to deal with the problems of the present and what we can do better in the future. This is of particular interest when it comes to the problem (or curse) of log files. My […]