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  • From the Cloud to the Edge

    Funny how everything eventually comes full circle. A mere thirty-some years ago, the state of the art was client-server computing where one or more client nodes were directly connected to a central server. As much as enterprise companies embraced client-server, there were limitations: data […]

  • Create a Real-Time Information Portal in WordPress empowers millions of businesses, bloggers, and online stores to build a beautiful website that meets their unique needs. However, even with all the powerful plugins and special features, it is not that easy to include real-time information in the pages or blogs you […]

  • Monitor TIBCO BusinessWorks in Splunk (with RTView)

    Just a quick update for you Splunk users out there. We have made significant progress on our RTView integration with Splunk – allowing users to monitor TIBCO BusinessWorks in Splunk. We’ve created a plug-in that monitors TIBCO BusinessWorks performance and availability by leveraging RTView’s backend […]

  • Integrating RTView Metrics and Alerts with Splunk

    TIBCO middleware is at the heart of many mission-critical applications, but options for bringing TIBCO performance metrics into Splunk have been very limited. SL, the defacto leader in TIBCO performance monitoring, has created an integration allowing Splunk to import performance data from the most […]

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  • Deploying RTView in Docker Containers

    Recently, there has been increasing excitement about Docker, an open platform for the distributed and automated deployment of application services. Docker takes advantage of the powerful Linux “container” technology that has been around for a long time, but not widely used until now. The […]


  • Analytics on RTView Data Using R

    “R” has become the tool of choice for data scientists around the world for a variety of reasons. First, the language simply and powerfully expresses vector and matrix operations so you can interactively manipulate and explore your data from the command line. If you find […]


  • Successfully Orchestrating Large-Scale TIBCO-Centric Applications

    I continue to be impressed by the success of TIBCO’s BusinessWorks (BW) integration platform in large-scale banking, e-commerce, logistics, and insurance applications. Enterprise developers combine BW with TIBCO Enterprise Messaging System (EMS) to create their largest and most important customer facing applications — also […]

  • Avoid These Two Monitoring Architecture Traps

    As an enterprise architect with 20+ years of experience, I have witnessed many seemingly simple deployment architectures that have come back to bite clients once they are scaled from POC to enterprise-wide deployments. Often, they are forced to live with the choices for many […]

  • How Real-Time Do You Want To Be ?

    In his recent post in The Virtualization Practice, Bernd Harzog hits the nail on the head with Real-Time Monitoring: Almost Always a Lie. Here, Bernd points out that, in contrast to marketing claims that a monitoring solution is real-time, the fact is that multiple stages of […]

  • The CMDB of the Future

    (NOTE: This post appeared in the January 13 issue of APMdigest) The complex software applications that run modern businesses are often referred to as “mission-critical” and must be kept running 24×7. Unfortunately, the complexity of these applications is often so great that keeping them in […]