SL-GMS Customer Profiles

Strong Web Deployment and Solution-Specific Custom Editor

SL-GMS Developer and Custom Editor for .NET

With SL-GMS, the same highly interactive and content-rich Windows application developed for the desktop with the above features using Visual Studio can be easily deployed as a Web application. Strong web deployment has been one of the major reasons for selecting SL-GMS Developer for .NET.

Additionally, with its SL-GMS Custom Editor for .NET option, the end-user custom editor can be developed specifically for a system solution in a couple of man months which would otherwise take a couple of man years. This is another major reason for selecting SL-GMS Developer for .NET.

The products have been leveraged and embedded by the world’s leading DCS/SCADA products and solutions for process control, water treatment, energy and facilities management, and have further proven to provide the strongest Web deployment of advanced control and monitoring systems.

Customer Profiles

SRH Systems – Process Control

SRH Systems – Process Control
SRH Systems is an international joint venture of 3 global companies, each a leader in their field of automotive technology. Its product offering named STARS, a next-generation software automation platform that supports a wide range of application areas, such as diagnostic testing (vehicle, engine, powertrain, transmission, brake, clutch, etc.) and data management, was developed using SL-GMS Developer for Microsoft .NET and SL-GMS Custom Editor for .NET. More Detail Case Study


Hitachi Corporation – Process Control
Hitachi has embedded SL-GMS Developer for .NET and SL-GMS Custom Editor for .NET in its new HIACS-AZ/SP G2 product – Digital Integrated Control System, for industrial plants and factories. This is a new product added to the HIACS-AZ Series. The use of SL-GMS has been extended from its original use by HITACHI for its AQUAMAX Series control systems for water purification and sewage treatment, AQUAMAX-AZ/SP and AQUAMAX-web.
More Detail in April 3, 2013 Press Release


Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (Kobe Works) – Process Control
Mitsubishi Electric has developed a large scale water distribution control and management system using SL’s Microsoft .NET based GUI/HMI and Custom Editor. Entire broad region of water supply control monitored with SL-GMS’s high performance zoom and pan capability, and the system’s monitoring displays are enabled for editing with a point & click customized editor. More Detail in October 15, 2012 Press Release


Fujitsu Limited – Building Automation
Fujitsu’s "Futuric/SX Series" is an open network building automation (BA) system for monitoring complete building facilities including electricity, lights, air conditioning and emergency equipment, and has been used at various and many public facilities, station buildings and enterprise. SL-GMS Developer for .NET is used for the control and monitoring displays, and the SL-GMS Custom Editor for .NET is embedded to provide editing features specifically designed for Futuric/SX. More Detail in May 24, 2011 Press Release