ABB – Advanced Process Control

Customer Profile: Process Control

A world leader in electrical engineering, ABB employs 165,000 people across 1,150 companies operating throughout 100 countries. Their main business segments are: power transmission and distribution, environmental control and industrial automation.
One of the reasons that ABB has been so successful in such diverse areas of business is the integration of SL-GMS software in the Advant Station 500 Series for the ABB MOD 300 and ABB Master System. SL-GMS is embedded into ABB’s AdvaCommand operator software to provide the basic graphics engine and real time dynamic display support.
ABB adds customized user information and additional libraries of symbols which make AdvaCommand a unique ABB product. The SL-GMS dynamic graphic development tool is so flexible that ABB is able to provide each application with an interface that utilizes the symbols and displays unique to the customer’s industry.

Features for Customized Displays

The flexibility of SL-GMS allows this functionality to be applied in a variety of industries. ABB has created a library of display elements, based upon the ISA standards for graphical display symbols. Once the system is installed and the customer’s personnel have received a few hours of training, they create their own displays using the Display Builder to easily cut and paste between graphics.

Also, palettes of colors, shades, patterns, basic objects and application-specific objects are available to developers. These make it easy to use such SL-GMS features as: increased object resolution, realistic shading and colors, and mixed displays of text and graphics in displays. Further, developers can create displays that use the symbols and practices that are already familiar to operators in the user’s industry.

In the past, ABB sometimes found that, in certain industries, the cost of developing specialized displays was prohibitive. Now, with SL-GMS, ABB offers a system flexible enough to meet the requirements of individual operators in virtually any industry.

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