Agilent Technologies NETeXPERT

Customer Profile: Agilent Technologies NETeXPERT

NETeXPERT Object Browser Network Management and Service Assurance Solution Agilent Technologies is a leading provider of components, test, measurement, monitoring and management solutions for the communications industry.


Agilent enables designers, manufacturers and service providers to accelerate the delivery of next-generation devices, networks and services. Agilent’s broad set of solutions and services includes optical, wireless, Internet and broadband technologies that span the entire communications life cycle.

NETeXPERT, one of Agilent’s network management solutions, uses SL-GMS C++/Net and Custom Editor for its Visual Agent displays. These displays show network node and link representations on maps that enable service provider users to zoom into supermodels to view information on trunks, switches, shelves and cards that are dedicated to a particular connection.


SL-GMS J/Net is also used for its Object Browser displays to enable network operations, maintenance and customer care personnel, and external customers and interconnect partners, to manage communications networks and services from anywhere in the world. Remote users can view network status and reports, update trouble tickets, run diagnostics or perform any other activity that is normally done on a local operation terminal.

Note: SL-GMS J/Net is an extension to J/Developer, and C++/Net is an extension to C++/Developer

NETeXPERT is a trademark of Agilent Technologies in the United States and other countries. It is mentioned in this document for identification purposes only.