Clear Performance Management

Customer Profile: Clear Performance Management

Clear Performance Management is the global leader in developing network performance management software for intelligent optical, digital and broadband networks. Its flagship product, Clearview, provides real-time visibility into the transport layer and enables integration with, and correlation to, higher layers of the network and the mission-critical applications that ride on it.


SL-GMS J/Net is used for Clearview CircuitView which manages network complexity to quickly isolate problems and reduce Mean Time To Restore (MTTR) by combining graphical circuit layout details with alarm status and historical performance. Multi-tabbed Window allowing users to view circuit topology, circuit alarms, circuits related to the given circuit (e.g. transport, sub-circuits), and detailed properties of specific inventory items are graphically displayed.

Clear chose SL-GMS J/Net to leverage its performance for their product and its flexibility in representing various graphic physical topology views, as well as its SL-GMS dynamic graphic editor that enables rapid development for fast time to market.

Note: SL-GMS J/Net is an extension to J/Developer, and C++/Net is an extension to C++/Developer

Clearview is a trademark of Clear in the United States and other countries. It is mentioned in this document for identification purposes only.