CSI – UCOS Process Control Systems

Customer Profile: Process Control

CSI’s award winning User Configurable Open System (UCOS) is a patented project development and run-time software that allows engineers to graphically configure control logic and simultaneously generate HMI graphics. The result is dynamic, interactive graphical environments that serve

as an accurate, real-time tool for the control and monitoring of production processes. UCOS is utilized throughout a diverse range of industries, including: process control, distributed control, supervisory control and SCADA for oil and gas, cement, glass, water/wastewater, bulk distribution, and non-discrete process manufacturing.

UCOS operates on Windows NT PCs and industrial PCs for real-time controllers, and uses industry standard I/O subsystems. Included with UCOS is a comprehensive function block template library, pre-configured for most control devices. Function block templates contain pre-configured logic, tags, SL-GMS operator interface graphics, and associated run-time dynamics.