Customer Profile: Process Control

DELCAN, of North York, Ontario, implemented a state-of-the-art Intelligent Traffic Management System (ITS). At the core of system, generating all graphics display functionality and input control, is SL-GMS.
  • As a part of the Hong Kong Core Program, the advanced Intelligent Traffic  Management System is used to control roads, bridges (including an 8 lane,  double deck bridge) and tunnels linking Hong Kong with new the Chek Lap Kok airport, spanning nearly 30 miles through the mountains.
  • The ITS system uses six UNIX workstations and a large dynamic wall map with  SL-GMS displays, showing status of traffic using dynamic graphics and controlling  it using numerous input control devices at central control rooms, 3 satellite control centers and 4 remote control centers.
  • Each computer controls 60-70 devices in different regions; each device collects  and manages over 100 signals.
  • The ITS system is used to direct traffic over a 6 lane bridge and high-speed rail  lines using variable message signs, lane control signals, over 500 traffic signals  and communication links.