Novatech Process Solutions

Customer Profile: Process Control

Novatech Process Solutions, based in Owings Mills, Maryland, is a global provider of complex process control, data acquisition, and simulation systems.

TotalVision® is an ActiveX Control based on SL-GMS software that can be embedded in corporate data applications to provide quick and easy access to real-time plant information. Acting as a Microsoft Common Object Model (COM) component, VPTV is able to display TotalVision® graphics in common desktop applications such as MS Internet Explorer, MS Word, MS Excel, Visio, Visual Basic applications, and a host of other COM compliant applications.

NPS selected SL-GMS software for its unparalleled ability to streamline the development high-performance graphic displays that create dynamically updated views of production information, equipment utilization, critical plant alarms and problem areas. VPTV utilizes common web browsers and via the Internet displays dynamic graphics, production spreadsheets, inventory databases and laboratory results from multiple sites, providing everyone in the organization a view of critical enterprise information anytime, from anywhere in the world.