SNMP Research

Customer Profile: CIAgent SNMP Agent

SNMP Research is the world’s leading commercial vendor of SNMP technology, and has been a leading contributor to the definition of Internet management standards.

SNMP Research offers both development toolkits for OEM equipment manufacturers as well as ready-to-deploy end-user network management solutions. All SNMP Research products are based on industry standards and support the latest versions of the Internet Management Framework.

SNMP Research’s EnterPol Management Suite includes several users_snmpmanagement applications for performance monitoring and configuration management of networking devices and computer systems. One of these applications, CIAgent Monitor, is a graphical “dashboard” style of monitoring application designed specifically for monitoring systems which have SNMP Research’s CIAgent system and application management agent. The CIAgent Monitor application is built using SL-GMS RTView®.

CIAgents are installed on computer systems to monitor critical applications, system and application logs, network services, and system resources. SL-GMS RTView is used as the core of its dashboard to display tabbed panels for summary, network status, system resources, processes and applications, network services, log files, and thresholds information. All the displays are created by the existing RTView dynamic graphic objects available in RTView Display Builder palettes such as graphs, meters, tables, scales and gauges, by drag & drop without programming.

Note: SL-GMS J/Net is an extension to J/Developer, and C++/Net is an extension to C++/Developer

CIAgent is a trademark of SNMP Research in the United States and other countries. It is mentioned in this document for identification purposes only.