Telvent – S/3 SCADA

Customer Profile: Process Control

The S/3 SCADA acquires, processes, and manages information from remote logo_telvent_smfield devices in real-time. Worldwide applications of the S/3 include oil and gas pipeline automation, electrical power generation and distribution, and water/wastewater management installations.

Telvent provides engineering, procurement, integration construction and management of Control Systems and Networks in Europe, Latin America and Asia.neles_totalvision

The S/3 WNT Console’s TotalVision window is based on SL-GMS software for remote control of field devices through point-and-click operations. The use of X/Windows-Motif or Windows NT and the object-oriented approach of the SL-GMS software supports the open design, flexibility, and scalability of the S/3. SL-GMS enables TotalVision operators to create customized, object-oriented views with multiple windows sized and arranged to suit the needs of individual users.