Don’t forget about the TIBCO Adapters. We didn’t.

End to End Monitoring, TIBCO Monitoring

TIBCO Adapter monitoringIn our quest to expand visibility into the TIBCO world, we are adding  monitoring for TIBCO Adapters to our lineup of solution packages.

Monitoring TIBCO-powered applications may start with BusinessWorks and EMS performance, but it doesn’t end there.  Although these are the main pieces that handle the business logic and transport of information in and out of an application or service – you can’t ignore the source and destination of that data input and output or else you lose the big picture of what your service is trying to accomplish.  That’s why we have been busy working on a framework for monitoring TIBCO Adapters.

The actual implementation is quite simple in that we are able to use TIBCO Hawk micro-agents to gather performance information from any adapter and then calculate useful metrics such as message rates, error rates or simply how much data is going through the system.  Now you’ll be able to tell if a slow down is being caused at the end point rather than assuming it is at the engine or transport level. 

But the value of middleware monitoring is much greater than seeing individual performance metrics.  The value comes from seeing this adapter information side-by-side with BusinessWorks, EMS, AMX, BE or AS – and correlated in the context of the applications and services they support – so that this information becomes more than just data and creates insights that help you find and prevent problems from becoming serious incidents.  To paraphrase a popular quote, “monitoring the trees can only tell you so much about the health state of the forest, but monitoring the whole forest will give you insight needed to prevent forest fires by targeting the most critical trees.”

If you are interested in helping us test our adapter monitoring or would like to add adapter health to your current RTView monitoring platform, reach out to us at  We’d love to help you reach ever greater visibility.