Downtime Events Take Center Stage

Application Monitoring, End to End Monitoring

It’s pretty obvious that when your applications go down, they often cost you money. Lots of money according to a recent report from analyst firm Quocirca titled Master of Machines III – Mitigating the Impact of Critical IT Events.Downtime Icon

Pete Goldin of APMdigest provided a recent write-up based on the Quocirca study in his blog, Critical IT Events Cost Millions for European Business. The sheer number of critical IT events experienced per month (3) and the average cost per event (€115,034) is pretty eye-opening. It’s no wonder that downtime has emerged as the top IT concern for European IT Management.

SL agrees with the report findings that increasing IT complexity is one of the primary causes for concern. While many companies have some level of monitoring for their applications, there are often performance and availability blind-spots, and one of the biggest is the middleware layer. Just monitoring SOME of the technologies within your IT environment isn’t enough. Companies need to strive for end-to-end monitoring.

Amongst the SL customer base, we have repeatedly seen the number of severity incidents, or critical IT events, drop significantly after adopting RTView. That’s because our clients are proactively finding events BEFORE they become critical rather than wait for something bad to happen and then respond. One of our top customers recently reported a drop from 8 critical events a year to only 1 in the past year – and ironically, that failure was caused by one of the components NOT currently being monitored by SL.

Whether you are looking for an end-to-end application monitoring platform or are only looking to fill in the gaps around middleware monitoring, we urge you to take a closer look at RTView Enterprise Monitor. After all, a lot is riding on your ability to quickly find problems and resolve them before they become a critical IT event.