Integrating RTView Metrics and Alerts with Splunk

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TIBCO middleware is at the heart of many mission-critical applications, but options for bringing TIBCO SplunkManageAppsperformance metrics into Splunk have been very limited.

SL, the defacto leader in TIBCO performance monitoring, has created an integration allowing Splunk to import performance data from the most popular TIBCO middleware products, directly from SL’s RTView data server.

Complementing the typical exceptions provided in common TIBCO log files, RTView captures detailed, real-time performance data from both TIBCO Hawk and TIBCO APIs from TIBCO EMS, TIBCO BusinessWorks, TIBCO BusinessEvents, TIBCO ActiveSpaces and TIBCO ActiveMatrix.

This raw data is further processed to calculate metrics including average response times, message rates, and alerts and is refined for use in Splunk dashboards.

This value-added data is then stored in one or more geographically distributed data servers for high-performance, in-memory, fast data access. Correlating this rich TIBCO performance information with complementary log file information from TIBCO applications will allow support teams to be more proactive and be able to drill-down deeper into TIBCO infrastructure when time is of the essence. In addition, RTView help Operations and Support teams respond to issues more quickly by providing near real-time alerting at 10-second intervals into Splunk.

For more information, read the Technical Note here

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