Middleware Monitoring as a Service is Available for Apache Kafka

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We were excited to launch our new Apache Kafka monitoring as a hybrid service this week. Kafka is the first of several middleware integration technologies to be released for monitoring with the new RTView Cloud for Middleware Monitoring service. SL will announce added support for Solace monitoring and TIBCO monitoring over the next few weeks.

Middleware support teams are always concerned with being more proactive, and RTView Cloud for Kafka Monitoring enables this by providing an easy to launch and easy to use Kafka monitor. There is no programming required and only minimal configuration needed. Monitoring displays and alerts are all pre-built, so it is almost a plug-and-play setup.


RTView Cloud uses a hybrid architecture so all monitoring data stays in the user’s environment and behind the firewall, whether on-premise, on Cloud platforms, or a hybrid combination.  This is an important consideration for most of our large integration customers since data security is paramount.

We have found that one of the biggest challenges facing the integration middleware support teams we work with is supporting an expanding number of middleware platforms such as TIBCO, Solace, Kafka, and IBM. Each platform has dedicated monitoring and admin tools which can be a challenge for application and middleware support teams who often prefer a single platform to centralize their monitoring and alerting. With RTView Cloud, these teams can quickly implement a lightweight but scalable monitoring tool that will enable them to centralize visibility across these technologies and enable them to be more proactive in identifying and resolving issues.

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