Monitor TIBCO BusinessWorks in Splunk (with RTView)

Developer's Corner, TIBCO Monitoring

Splunk LogoJust a quick update for you Splunk users out there. We have made significant progress on our RTView integration with Splunk – allowing users to monitor TIBCO BusinessWorks in Splunk.

We’ve created a plug-in that monitors TIBCO BusinessWorks performance
and availability by leveraging RTView’s backend to feed Splunk’s front-end. RTView for Splunk is the perfect solution for Splunk customers that need visibility into TIBCO BusinessWorks. And SL is the right partner for Splunk when it comes to TIBCO monitoring. We’ve been masters at it for years.

RTView for Splunk is the best Splunk solution for monitoring TIBCO BusinessWorks

RTView goes far beyond monitoring exceptions in log files to provide real-time visibility with historical context and threshold-based alerting.

  • Real-time metrics from BusinessWorks are acquired every few seconds – allowing teams the earliest warning possible. No need to wait 15 minutes to see what is happening right now.
  • Historical Time Charts,  using cached data, allow users to see intermittent spikes as well as growing trends to aid in troubleshooting and diagnosis. Longer-term data can be stored on disk using intelligent, space-saving, archiving algorithms for long-term capacity analysis and planning.
  • Pre-defined Alerts can be executed at the data server level for instant notification for TIBCO support teams. Alerts can also be created from the Splunk engines with additional effort.
  • Displays are extensible within Splunk allowing developers to modify and extend the sample displays provided by RTView.

Visibility into BW Servers, Engines, and Processes

RTView for Splunk provides rich insight into the performance of multiple facets of TIBCO BusinessWorks. From the process layer all the way down to the CPU and memory utilization for each instance.

[Take a look at some of these screenshots of sample displays for more detail]

Identify BW Servers with performance issues and correlate with underlying physical resources like memory, CPU, etc...

Identify BW Servers with performance issues and correlate with underlying physical resources like memory, CPU, etc…

Screenshot of TIBCO BusinessWorks Server Summary Screenshot of TIBCO BusinessWorks Engines Screenshot of TIBCO BusinessWorks Processes

SL is the Company You Trust for TIBCO Monitoring

SL has been the TIBCO partner for monitoring since 2002, helping scores of TIBCO customers achieve real-time visibility.  Customers report significant decreases in severity level incidents – attributed to early detection and rapid troubleshooting.

Sharing Data Across Platforms

Collaboration is the key to early warning and quick response. Silos of information that are restricted to separate groups do little to foster collaboration. This new integration solution between RTView and Splunk provides the same real-time visibility to multiple groups within your organization. Whether Splunk is the standard interface for everyone in your organization or whether each team maintains their best of breed approach to using the monitoring tools best suited for their needs – RTView for Splunk will ensure the right information at the right time for everyone involved.

SL is Looking for a Few Good Customers to Drive this Forward

We’ve got a pretty good solution here, but we need actual Splunk customers to provide feedback on the last mile of product readiness. If you already have RTView and Splunk, connecting the two is a very simple process. And if you don’t already have RTView, we can easily get a data server up and running in your environment very quickly. No need for the full-blown RTView environment – unless you want that.

How to Get Started

For existing RTView and Splunk customers, we have new samples and instructions posted on our GitHub site at Give it a try and provide us with your feedback at And if you need an RTView data server, drop me a line at and we can get you started very quickly.

Let’s work together to reduce downtime through real-time visibility and cross-team collaboration.