At SL, we have always been highly partner-focused. Our partners are able to deliver quality products and services with best in class data visualization in any industry requiring visibility into operational data including process control, energy & power, financial services, telecommunications, healthcare, and aerospace.

SL's Partner Value Proposition

SL offers rapid application development and component-based technology for partners to build custom front-end graphic applications involving a variety of back-end databases and other datasources. We provide our partners with:

  • A highly flexible data visualization solution with a wide range of customization options
  • A non-invasive architecture that integrates with existing IT systems and infrastructures and can be easily deployed in any portal or web-based environment
  • Technology that has been proven in the most mission-critical applications
  • A proven partner strategy to support partners with geographic and vertical market expertise

About Our Partner Program

Our partner program is comprised of companies with expertise in systems integration, hardware, software, vertical industries, and geographic markets. SL offers a number of partnership options that focus on delivering a value-added SL-based graphic solution or services to their targeted customers. We currently support more than 35 OEMs and 25 resellers and distributors globally.

Business Partners


Technology Partners

OEM Partners

VAR and Distribution Partners

Provide complimentary solutions

Bundle or embed SL technology with their own applications to deliver and support a value-added OEM solution

Resell value-added products and solutions. Frequently provide supporting services.