Software Providers/OEMs

Product Managers are continually challenged to differentiate their product offerings to achieve competitive advantage. In many cases, it is difficult to provide a fixed user interface that satisfies a majority of customers because every business is different and has unique needs.

High-value software applications that benefit from providing a customizable presentation layer or dashboards include:

  • Middleware and grid computing monitoring and admin consoles
  • Financial applications needing a presentation layer with low latency
  • Real-time business intelligence and analytics solutions drawing from multiple data sources
  • e-commerce site monitoring and activity analysis applications
  • Storage management solutions
  • Business Activity Monitoring applications.

As market requirements for information distribution have expanded, many companies have chosen to partner with SL to embed or resell RTView. SL has more than 20 years experience supporting these OEM partners.

Build or Buy?

Development resources are limited. The cost and risks of managing shifting technologies such as real-time information delivery, web deployment, alerting, reporting, and scalable data distribution can be considerable.

RTView enables development organizations to focus their valuable resources on building domain and application-specific views and functionality without expending resources building, maintaining, and performance tuning the underlying architecture.

Offer Your Customers Highly Configurable Dashboards

Would you like to have an underlying technology that makes it fast and easy to provide new or updated dashboard screens to your users? RTView includes a “live” Builder to make building and testing of new displays quick and easy.

Because RTView is XML-based, you can choose to deliver a set of predefined dashboard templates in XML form, create a wizard that automatically generates XML templates or re-distribute the RTView builder or a customized version to provide full editing functionality.

Time to Market

Time is money. With RTView, you can Reduce the time, cost, complexity and risk associated with developing and rolling out new solutions that require dashboards and displays.

Connect to Almost Any Data Source

Many dashboard tools are designed to connect to databases through SQL only. RTView allows you to easily connect directly to real-time data sources with low latency such as XML, JMS, TIBCO, CEP, and JMX. Other supported data sources include SQL, Excel, and OLAP.

Many OEM partners require integration with their proprietary data sources. A typical extension of RTView is to use the RTView SDK to extend the data sources available to include your own proprietary data source. The SDK provides a simple Java interface to supply data to the RTView Data Server as well as the ability to extend the RTView Builder to provide easy-to-use dialogs that recognize the new data source for use in dashboard creation.

Extend Graphical Object Palettes

The RTView Builder is delivered with a wide variety of graphical objects to build dashboards, but you may extend the object palette to include specialized objects. Custom objects can be easily created with SL-GMSJ/Developer and added to the RTView object palette. Any 3rd party Java-based control may also be added to the palette using the RTView SDK.

Automated Re-branding Options

SL has a streamlined process for re-branding the RTView product. You can provide SL with a set of text and images that brand your version of the product, and we will include it in our product build process. With every release of RTView, you will receive an upgraded version of your own branded product.

World Class OEM Support Program

SL has been in the business of providing software products that are embedded in mission critical applications for over 20 years. This has given us the necessary experience to create the infrastructure critical for successful partnerships.

SL will work to understand your business and offer licensing model options that suit your needs. The product management team has organized methods for gathering enhancement requests, setting priorities, tracking your release cycles, and maintaining an aggressive release schedule to make sure your products are delivered on time with the features you want. In addition, our technical support team is experienced in understanding the special technical requirements that arise from both your product development team and your end-user requests.

Software Providers/OEMs