Technology and Referral Partners

Provide complementary solutions

SL Corporation and Software AG are Digital Alliance Partners .

Software AG offers the end-to-end Digital Business Platform and  IoT platform which operates across cloud, on promises and edge, and provides Service Providers with a comprehensive, end-to-end IoT solution.

RTView Cloud is SL’s latest platform. It enables users to create and deploy beautiful, custom and navigable visual applications from within Cumulocity’s Cockpit or any web browser. Displays are driven by real-time data integrated from Cumulocity IoT, on-premise platforms and applications, as well as private and public APIs.

Software AG is also SL’s OEM partner and have embedded RTView in their Apama product.


RedHat is the world’s leading provider of open source, enterprise IT solutions

RTView Cloud is SL’s latest platform. It enables users to create and deploy beautiful custom visual applications driven by real-time data integrated from Cloud, IoT and on-premise platforms and applications as well as public APIs. Displays and dashboards are created via simple click-and-drag, with no programming, from any browser and can be easily embedded into other applications.

RTView Cloud’s DataServer, running in an OpenShift Container, enables users to collect and stream real-time data from their OpenShift environments for viewing and interaction with any RTView Cloud application with minimal configuration. Data lives securely in your OpenShift environment and is accessible by your browser.



Lightstreamer is a top-performing real-time messaging server optimized for the Internet. Blending WebSockets, HTTP, and push notifications, it streams data to/from mobile, tablet, browser-based, desktop, and IoT applications.

RTView® Cloud can effectively connect to a Lightstreamer data source and stream real-time updates directly to the browser as well as cache Lightstreamer data with in-memory data servers to provide initial values and historical metrics for trend charts. Lightstreamer customers looking for a front-end display builder/viewer for their realtime data streams need look no further than RTView® Cloud.

The International Space Station Monitor website was created with RTView® Cloud using realtime data streamed from TieTronix using a Lightstreamer server.


Oracle Corporation develops, manufactures, markets, hosts, and supports database and middleware software, application software, cloud infrastructure, hardware systems, and related services worldwide.

RTView® Enterprise Edition provides integrated, end-to-end views of critical applications and services across all layers of the application infrastructure, facilitating collaboration across operations teams and application owners, providing greater insight into the interdependencies across these technologies. Critical applications built on technologies such as Oracle Coherence, Oracle WebLogic, and Oracle Database and integrated with Oracle Enterprise Manager and non-Oracle technologies are monitored using a single monitoring platform.



Sigfox is rolling out the first global IoT network to listen to billions of objects broadcasting data, without the need to establish and maintain network connections. This unique approach in the world of wireless connectivity, where there is no signaling overhead, a compact and optimized protocol, and where objects are not attached to the network. Sigfox offers a software based communications solution, where all the network and computing complexity is managed in the Cloud, rather than on the devices. All that together, it drastically reduces energy consumption and costs of connected devices.

SL is working with MeterSystems, which is a SigFox partner as well.

The plan is to bundle the visualization via RTView Cloud with the sale of their smart meter.


International Business Machines Corporation provides information technology (IT) products and services worldwide.

RTView® Enterprise Edition enables sophisticated end-to-end monitoring via Solution Packages for the following IBM technologies: IBM WebSphere MQ, IBM DB2 and WebSphere Application Server. Critical applications built on these technologies can be monitored using a single monitoring platform that provides greater insight into the interdependencies across these IBM technologies.


MRE Consulting is a dynamic professional services firm that helps its clients by delivering flexible solutions using highly trained and experienced professionals to successfully blend technology and business strategy to consistently achieve results.


CJC specialise in providing IT managed services, consultancy and products to capital markets firms globally. Our solutions leverage cloud technology to improve and manage real time data distribution systems. They also enhance related compliance processes and overall commercial control.

Technology and Referral Partners

centeractive ag is our local partner in Switzerland for systems integration and process automation. centeractive provides services and solutions covering the whole range of the integration process, from analysis of the IT landscape and project implementation to full maintenance and support of operational integration solutions.

Technology and Referral Partners

SL’s RTView® Cloud platform enables Samsung ARTIK™ customers to visualize ARTIK and non-ARTIK real-time data in beautiful custom dashboards. The data can be combined with other real-time and historical data from multiple systems.

Real-time dashboards are created via simple click-and-drag, with no programming, from any browser, and can be easily embedded into other applications.