SL Corporation Announces 3X Reduction in Monitoring Overhead for Large Oracle Coherence Clusters

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Corte Madera, CA – July 21, 2010 – SL Corporation, a leading provider of real-time monitoring, analytics and visualization software, today announced that RTView for APM | Oracle Coherence Monitor includes a breakthrough enhancement for monitoring large and very large Oracle Coherence clusters, enabling a 3X reduction in overhead on the cluster and faster problem identification and resolution.

A new custom MBean available with the SL’s Oracle Coherence Monitor dramatically Reduce s the overhead associated with the standard JMX MBean collection process, speeding the monitoring interval to as low as 10 seconds for large Oracle Coherence clusters. More efficient monitoring means faster problem detection, alerting and resolution, further minimizing the impact of data grid issues on critical applications.

“For many of our Oracle Coherence customers, including many of the leading online retailers, web sites, financial institutions and telecommunication companies, getting better visibility into their systems is crucial for understanding when a problem occurs, and for being able to prove that a system is truly running and performing as it was intended,” said Cameron Purdy, vice president of development, Oracle. “SL has invested in providing higher visibility into Oracle Coherence data grids, and this latest release of RTView offers an innovative solution to scale JMX data collection to higher levels than were previously possible.”

Due to its distributed nature, monitoring a large Coherence cluster can involve the collection of tens of thousands of individual, real-time data metrics using the JMX protocol. The metrics from each cluster member must all be collected and transferred at a single point in time to provide a consistent snapshot that accurately describes the state of the cluster. As cluster size and load increases, the collection of JMX MBeans one-at-a-time can take significant processing time and introduce overhead on the cluster itself. Until now, the only solution had been to Reduce the rate of data collection, or to request only a subset of the monitoring data, making less information available for identifying and troubleshooting issues.

SL Corporation has studied this problem at-length and has developed a better solution – available with its Oracle Coherence Monitor product – that Reduce s monitoring overheadby as much as 3X. Using an easy-to-install custom MBean, network packets containing monitoring metrics are compacted prior to transfer from managed nodes to a central MBeanServer. Since Coherence is a network-dependent system, the lower bandwidth requirements translate into lower overhead on the cluster. The increased speed of data collection allows users to collect information more frequently, in order to detect and alert on problem conditions more quickly. With RTView and this optimization, the monitoring interval for large Oracle Coherence clusters can be as low as 5 or 10 seconds.

“Very large Coherence clusters are going mainstream as more customers gain confidence in Coherence and experience the benefits of data grids,” said Tom Lubinski, president and CEO of SL Corporation. “We collaborated with several of our customers who are running extremely large Coherence clusters to address this overhead problem. Our unique combination of expertise with Oracle Coherence, JMX and large-scale monitoring systems allowed us to quickly provide them with an effective solution.”

For more information regarding the RTView for APM | Oracle Coherence Monitor, please visit RTView for APM | Oracle Coherence Monitor.

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