RTView® Cloud for IoT

Provide Your Customers and Partners with Custom, Real-time IoT Data Visualization

  • Real-time Data Visualization for Real-time and IoT (Internet of Things) projects
  • End-to-end IoT Monitoring for complex and distributed infrastructure and partner ecosystems

Custom, Real-time Data Visualization

Scalable Partner-integrated Visualization

SL’s RTView Cloud platform enables Software Vendors and IoT Platform Providers to provide their customers with the capability to easily build real-time displays and dashboards from any web browser and deploy them in the Cloud. It supports team collaboration with an innovative publishing capability to support rapid prototyping and deployment.

RTView Cloud uniquely provides:

  • Visualization of Real-time Data via managed services in a reliable cloud-based offering
  • The required Data Management to support scalable real-time visualization not provided in other dashboard tools.
A real-time display showing a mimic diagram with air quality sensor data.

International Space Station Demo

Welcome to the ISS Monitor site.  This site is a technology showcase for the powerful combination RTView® Cloud and Lightstreamer.  ISS metrics are streamed live from Tietronix using the Lightstreamer real-time messaging server and displayed by RTView® Cloud, SL’s next-generation monitoring platform.

IoT Device Data Visualization

From this display featuring Bosch, Solace, and SL integration, users are able to navigate to individual devices to view current and historical metrics including:

  • Gyroscope
  • Acceleration
  • Magnetometer values
  • Weather data

Connect to any IoT Platform or Data Source

Collaborate, develop, and publish rich visualization applications integrated with data from:

  • IoT platforms
  • On-premise systems
  • Cloud platforms
  • Public APIs
  • Net IoT devices connecting to existing infrastructure

Click & Drag Display Designer

With RTDraw, the browser-based designer in RTView Cloud, users:

  • Create custom displays from scratch or using templates and GitHub repository examples
  • Collaborate with other team members on display design
  • Publish dashboard applications to public or private URLs



With RTDraw, users create displays using click-and-drag with no programming.

Here is an example of a published dashboard embedded in this webpage as a simple iFrame.

Flexible Deployment

Displays and dashboards can be easily deployed in a number of ways:

  • Cumulocity Cockpit
  • any web browser, desktop or mobile
  • embedded in other applications

Displays and dashboards can be published and shared with different teams, social media, reports, blogs, and websites.


<== Click on a bar in the embedded dashboard to the left to drill down to photosensor history

End-to-end Monitoring for Complex and Heterogeneous IoT Systems

RTView - monitored middleware

Seamless Middleware and Application Infrastructure Monitoring

Monitoring both the IoT infrastructure and the Middleware Infrastructure with the same RTView solution will provide a seamless view across the whole application path – no gaps, no loss of visibility during the transition and a common interface to ease communication between IoT and Middleware support teams.

RTView Enterprise has been used for integration and middleware monitoring by global banks, energy companies, on-line retail, and telecom providers for more than 15 years.

Solace Real-time Message Broker Performance

This example allows users to visualize IoT sensor data is coming in RTView through Solace brokers from various locations across the world running in different cloud environments and on premise .

RTView Solace monitoring provides tracks granular real-time and historical performance metrics for the Solace PubSub+ Brokers.

RTView Cloud IoT

Hybrid Architecture

RTView Cloud is revolutionary in offering complete interoperability between its components deployed on-premise or in public or private clouds - truly a next generation hybrid SaaS architecture.

  • Managed services for dashboard viewing, creation and publishing are hosted in the cloud
  • Sensitive monitoring data are collected and stored securely in your private cloud or on-premise system
  • RTView applications running in a browser behind your firewall are the only ones able to access your private data