RTView® Cloud for IoT


Although your data is complex, building and deploying dashboards shouldn’t be

Create custom displays and dashboards via simple click-and-drag with no programming.

All from one Dashboard!

SL’s new RTView Cloud platform allows you to easily build customizable dashboards from any web browser and deploy them in the Cloud - with no programming. It supports team collaboration with an innovative publishing capability to support rapid prototyping and deployment.

SL’s GitHub portal provides IoT-focused projects and integrations to jump start your efforts. RTView Cloud includes an extensive pallete of objects and functions so you can easily create custom dashboards via click & drag.  Don’t reinvent the wheel by programming your own dashboards from scratch.

RTView Cloud IoT


Connect to any IoT Platform and real-time data sources such as:


International Space Station Demo

Welcome to the ISS Monitor site.  This site is a technology showcase for the powerful combination RTView® Cloud and Lightstreamer.  ISS metrics are streamed live from TieTronix using the Lightstreamer real-time messaging server and displayed by RTView® Cloud, SL’s next-generation monitoring platform.