RTView Cloud for middleware monitoring enables support teams to proactively monitor and alert on issues before critical applications are affected.

RTView Managed Services

The on-premise version of RTView Enterprise provides unprecedented visibility into the health and performance of middleware-based applications. Now, with RTView Cloud, some or all of the components of RTView can be hosted in the cloud, managed either by SL or by you in your own private cloud.

In addition, powerful new services are available for creating custom dashboards and publishing or sharing them with selected users. Critical and actionable information can be made readily available with just a single click !

Next Generation Hybrid SaaS 

RTView Cloud is revolutionary in offering complete interoperability between its components deployed on-premise or in public or private clouds - truly a next generation hybrid SaaS architecture.

  • Managed services for dashboard viewing, creation and publishing are hosted in the cloud.
  • Sensitive monitoring data are collected and stored securely in your private cloud or on-premise system.
  • RTView applications running in a browser behind your firewall are the only ones able to access your private data.




Monitoring as a Service is now available from SL. With RTView Cloud for Middleware Monitoring, you can now monitor your middleware applications from the Cloud. Setup is simple and you can be up and running in just a few minutes.

The solution includes pre-built displays and pre-configured alerts and requires minimal configuration.


Access your Monitoring Information Anytime and Anywhere. 

The middleware monitoring displays in RTView Cloud support responsive design so interactive displays and alerts can be viewed from any device, anytime, and anywhere.


Custom Displays

With RTDraw, the browser-based designer in RTView Cloud, you can extend the out-of-box functionality with custom displays. Now, it’s easy to offer your end users custom displays that provide them with the exact metrics they need in the exact way they would like to see them.

Displays are created quickly, easily, and with no programming using simple click-and-drag from an object palette.


Display developers are also able to collaborate on displays within work groups and organizations prior to sharing. When you are ready to share, the unique Publish functionality enables multiple displays to be published and shared as Dashboards with a URL. It couldn’t be easier.

Hybrid Architecture

RTView Cloud uses a hybrid architecture, ensuring your data stays securely in your environments and behind your firewalls.  Only solution packages and display definitions are stored in the Cloud. Your performance  metrics and alert data are accessed directly from your users’ browsers. None of your sensitive monitoring data ever leaves your control.

RTV Cloud functional architecture border

Extend Your Existing RTView system

Want to extend your existing RTView system to use RTView Cloud? There are several reasons you might want to do this:

  1. Add monitoring for more technologies, including TIBCO, Solace, and Kafka
  2. Tailor dashboards for different users and profiles with custom displays that are easily published and delivered.
  3. Use the latest RTView user interface with your existing systems.
  4. Create ad hoc displays and reports easily with RTView Cloud’s designer.
  5. Collaborate with other members of your team on displays and publish them easily to a URL.

Let us show you how to point your RTView Cloud instance at your existing on-premise RTView systems.