RTView is a non-intrusive and predominately agentless application monitoring solution with a lower cost of ownership and unique visibility into:

  • microservices
  • messaging middleware
  • process orchestration
  • container infrastructure



End-to-End Application Monitoring

Understand the impact of infrastructure problems on your critical applications 

  • Monitor dependencies and which middleware technologies and components support a critical business service
  • Predict infrastructure at risk with early notification and visibility into other components within the application
  • Correlate information across multiple technology platforms

Solution Package for Amazon AWSDell BoomiTIBCO BusinessWorksSolution Package for DockerSolution Package for IBM DB2Solution Package for IBM MQSolution Package for IBM WebSphereSolution Package for JBossSolution Package for JVMRTView for Kafka MonitoringSolution Package for MongoDBMSSQL MonitoringSolution Package for MuleSoftMySQL MonitoringSolution Package for Node.jsSolution Package for Oracle® Coherence MonitoringSolution Package for Oracle® DatabaseConnector for Oracle Enterprise ManagerSolution Package for Oracle® WebLogicSolution Package for SolaceSolution Package for TIBCO ActiveMatrixTIBCO Adapter MonitoringTIBCO ActiveSpaces MonitoringSolution Package for TIBCO BusinessEventsSolution Package for TIBCO EMSTIBCO FTL® MonitoringConnector for TIBCO HawkSolution Package for TomcatSolution Package for VMware vCenterSolution Package for RTView Host Agent

Pre-configured Monitoring Solutions

RTView Enterprise uses Solution Packages to gather and store performance metrics from different monitored technologies.

Solution Packages are prepackaged solutions for gathering metrics and data from specific technologies. Consisting of a real-time data adapter performing the collection, transformation, and aggregation of incoming data, RTView solution packages include an in-memory data cache, a rules engine, and a historian for aggregating and compacting historical data over time.

Each solution package includes pre-built dashboards and pre-configured alerts that seamlessly plug into the RTView monitor so that you can get up and running quickly without any programming.


RTView is predominately agentless to minimize impact on your critical applications and reduce initial and ongoing maintenance cost. Other application monitoring solutions require the use of intrusive agents or code injection to obtain information about your applications.


Turnkey Monitoring and Alerting

No need to spend your time building displays and creating alerts. RTView comes complete with a full suite of monitoring views designed to provide with the information you need to keep your systems up and running 24/7.

  • RTView displays are sophisticated yet easy to comprehend, enabling you to navigate quickly to find the metrics you need to resolve issues. We understand what you need to see.
  • Pre-configured alerts with metric and alert history reduce implementation time
  • Reduced costs and risks of building and maintaining your own monitoring application

Design and Publish Custom Displays

Complement your out-of-box displays with custom displays you can create without programming. Design, collaborate and publish custom displays using a click-and-drag interface.

  • Organize and present information to users in the context of the applications. Create visual data flow diagrams that show the impact of middleware issues on your business services.
  • Publish and share information with other groups in the organization, such as business users and support teams, who can use it
  • Align your IT monitoring assets with the needs of the business
This custom flow diagram illustrates service components including TIBCO EMS, BW, an Oracle DB, running on VMware.

Access your Monitoring Information Anytime and Anywhere

The application monitoring and alert displays in RTView Enterprise and RTView Cloud are HTML 5-based and built with responsive design. So interactive displays and alerts can be viewed from any device, anytime, and anywhere whether you are using a laptop, tablet or your Smartphone. 


Next Generation Hybrid SaaS Architecture

RTView Cloud is revolutionary in offering complete interoperability between its components deployed on-premise or in public or private clouds - truly a next-generation hybrid SaaS architecture.

  • Managed services for dashboard viewing, creation and publishing are hosted in the cloud.
  • Sensitive monitoring data are collected and stored securely in your private cloud or on-premise system.
  • RTView applications running in a browser behind your firewall are the only ones able to access your private data.

Several Deployment Options


RTView Enterprise On-Premise                   RTView Cloud                      RTView Enterprise - Amazon AMI

The on-premise version of RTView provides unprecedented visibility into the health and performance of middleware-based applications.

Now, with RTView Cloud, some or all of the components of RTView can be hosted in the cloud, managed either by SL or by you in your own private cloud.  In addition, powerful new services are available for creating custom dashboards and publishing or sharing them with selected users. Critical and actionable information can be made readily available with just a single click !





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