Unlocking the Black Box: Middleware

RTView provides in-depth visibility into the middleware layer a typical blind spot for most APM vendors.

Middleware is the glue that connects all of your software applications.  If these core platforms become overloaded or under-resourced, your application performance and availability will suffer.  Middleware monitoring is critical for anyone supporting middleware-powered applications.

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Find it Fast. Fix it Fast. With SL RTView

Imagine if you could quickly find performance problems before they became high-severity events.  Think how quickly you could respond if you knew just where to look.  Now consider how much pain and financial loss you could avoid with early identification and rapid response.

With RTView, you could reduce high-severity events by 80% or more and save potentially millions of dollars in lost revenue and downtime costs.




End to End Middleware-centric Monitoring

Understand the impact of middleware problems on your critical applications with application and service-centric views.

  • Monitor dependencies and which middleware technologies and components support a critical business service.
  • Understand if a problem occurs in an application, how that will affect other components used by the service.
  • Correlate information across multiple middleware platforms

Several Deployment Options


RTView Enterprise On-Premise                   RTView Cloud                      RTView Enterprise - Amazon AMI

The on-premise version of RTView provides unprecedented visibility into the health and performance of middleware-based applications.

Now, with RTView Cloud, some or all of the components of RTView can be hosted in the cloud, managed either by SL or by you in your own private cloud.  In addition, powerful new services are available for creating custom dashboards and publishing or sharing them with selected users. Critical and actionable information can be made readily available with just a single click !


Next Generation Hybrid SaaS Architecture

RTView Cloud is revolutionary in offering complete interoperability between its components deployed on-premise or in public or private clouds - truly a next generation hybrid SaaS architecture.

  • Managed services for dashboard viewing, creation and publishing are hosted in the cloud.
  • Sensitive monitoring data are collected and stored securely in your private cloud or on-premise system.
  • RTView applications running in a browser behind your firewall are the only ones able to access your private data.

Access your Monitoring Information Anytime and Anywhere

The middleware monitoring displays in RTView Cloud

support responsive design so interactive displays and

alerts can be viewed from any device, anytime, and anywhere





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