Custom Cumulocity Data Visualization

Software AG Cumulocity users can now create completely custom data visualizations in Cumulocity with the Cumulocity-integrated RTView Cloud application. It enables users to create and deploy beautiful, custom and navigable visual applications from within Cumulocity’s Cockpit or any web browser.

The RTView Cloud Designer enables you to see data changing as you build displays with the ability to drill down to any display and aggregate data to make some meaningful information out of the raw data. Data is secure behind your firewall with either cloud-based solution or on-premise.

Animated mimic diagram running in Cumulocity Cockpit with four reusable Component Objects

Collaborate, Develop, and Publish Custom Displays

With RTView Cloud, you can use highly efficient managed services to create custom displays and dashboards.

  • Collaborate in private workgroups to share and optimize displays
  • Develop custom displays using an intuitive click-and-drag process that requires no programming
  • Publish individual displays or sophisticated visual applications to share with users via any of several flexible deployment options

Tailor Information for Different Types of Users and Stakeholders

  • Broaden your appeal to internal groups by giving them the information they need in the way they would like to see it
  • Create industry-specific and use case-specific displays
  • Outreach and appeal to a large, diverse set of customers with higher value information
  • Publish displays or parts of displays on internal wikis or external website to match how users prefer to interact with displays and dashboards
Industrial IoT industry-specific custom display running within Cumulocity Cockpit
Accelerate development by composing and reusing component objects multiple times

Efficient Development

The RTView Cloud Designer has a minimal learning curve. Start small by simply building cockpit displays that pull in RTView sub-displays in the same way that Cumulocity users build other displays.

  • Save time and resources by combining displays and other visual assets into “Component Objects,” for highly efficient reuse in other displays and dashboards. The more component objects you build up, the more efficient your effort becomes.
  • Easily add RTView displays to Cumulocity reports, just like other Cumulocity widgets, allowing IT professionals to quickly augment the tooling available in the Cumulocity portal.

Flexible Deployment

Displays and dashboards can be easily deployed in a number of ways:

  • Cumulocity Cockpit
  • any web browser, desktop or mobile
  • embedded in other applications

Displays and dashboards can be published and shared with different teams, social media, reports, blogs, and websites.


Here is an example of a published dashboard embedded in this webpage as a simple iFrame.


Access Data from Almost Any Source

Displays are driven by real-time data integrated from several sources including:

  • Cumulocity IoT
  • on-premise platforms and applications
  • private and public APIs
  • other IoT platforms
  • new IoT devices connected to existing infrastructure



RTView® for Cumulocity IoT