Gain real-time visibility into the health and performance of Dell Boomi and deployed applications with the RTView Cloud Dell Boomi Monitor.

RTView Cloud for Dell Boomi provides a complete monitoring solution with out of box dashboards and alerts for Dell Boomi, so you can quickly deploy an enterprise-scale monitoring solution.

The solution can be used to provide:

  • A Dell Boomi-only monitor or
  • An end-to-end middleware monitor that provides visibility into Dell Boomi and the complementary technologies that make up a Boomi service or application.

End-to-End Visibility for Boomi

RTView provides complete end-to-end visibility of your Boomi environments with detailed performance and availability metrics for Atoms, Molecules, connectors, and process flows running on-premise and on heterogeneous cloud platforms.  RTView also enables users to cross-correlate and perform root cause analysis across the entire application stack for different types of components, including middleware (Dell Boomi, Solace, TIBCO), databases, and open source, from the host and network level through the database and middleware layers up to the application itself. And RTView can centralize all this across on-premise, cloud-based, and hybrid environments.


Pre-Built Displays

Pre-built displays provide out-of-box functionality so no custom development or complicated set up is required. Key metrics are identified in summary displays where users can easily navigate to detailed displays to troubleshoot issues or for more detailed information.

Support for Any Device

RTView Monitor for Boomi displays are built with a responsive design to support viewing and interaction from any device, including SmartPhones.

Extend your RTView for Boomi Monitor with RTView Enterprise

Your RTView for Boomi Monitor can be easily extended to provide end-to-end monitoring of your critical applications and services that are built on Dell Boomi. With RTView Enterprise Edition you can:

  • Provide a consolidated view of application performance and dependencies across middleware tiers and vendors
  • Understand the impact of component issues on your business services
  • Centralize alerting

Custom Displays

With RTDraw, the browser-based designer in RTView Cloud, you can extend the out-of-box functionality with custom displays. Now, it’s easy to offer your end users custom displays that provide them with the exact metrics they need in the exact way they would like to see them.

Displays are created quickly, easily, and with no programming using simple click-and-drag from an object palette.

Provide your users with intuitive end-to-end views of your critical services built on Boomi and other technologies using the RTDraw Designer in RTView Cloud

Next Generation Hybrid SaaS Architecture

RTView Cloud is revolutionary in offering complete interoperability between its components deployed on-premise or in public or private clouds - truly a next-generation hybrid SaaS architecture.

Only solution packages and display definitions are stored in the Cloud. Your performance metrics and alert data are accessed directly from your users’ browsers. None of your sensitive monitoring data ever leaves your control.

  • Managed services for dashboard viewing, creation and publishing are hosted in the cloud.
  • Sensitive monitoring data are collected and stored securely in your private cloud or on-premise system.
  • RTView applications running in a browser behind your firewall are the only ones able to access your private data