RTView for Kafka Monitoring

RTView Monitoring forApache Kafka provides a complete Kafka monitoring solution with pre-built dashboards for monitoring Kafka brokers, producers, consumers, topics, and Kafka Zookeepers. With over 30 pre-defined alerts and over 15 pre-built monitoring dashboards, users can deploy quickly without the time, skill and expense necessary to build or configure their own monitoring applications or dashboards.

RTView Monitoring for Kafka can be used as a Kafka-only monitor or within a larger RTView Enterprise Edition system that also provides visibility into the complementary technologies that make up a Kafka-based service or application. This enables users to cross-correlate and perform root cause analysis across the entire application stack for different types of components, including middleware (Kafka, TIBCO, Solace), databases, VMware, and open source, from the host and network level through the database and middleware layers up to the application itself. And RTView can centralize all this across on-premise, cloud-based, and hybrid environments.

Pre-Built Displays

Pre-built displays provide out-of-box functionality so no custom development or complicated set up is required. Key metrics are identified in summary displays where users can easily navigate to detailed displays to troubleshoot issues or for more detailed information.

Pre-Configured Alerts

The RTView Solace Monitor includes a number of pre-configured alerts to provide out-of-box alerting. Users can drill down to detailed views of alert history and perform actions, including acknowledging alerts.

Support for Any Device

RTView Solace Monitor displays are built with a responsive design to support viewing and interaction from any device, including SmartPhones.

Extend your RTView for Kafka Monitor with RTView Enterprise

Your RTView for Kafka Monitor can be easily extended to provide end-to-end monitoring of your critical applications and services that are built on Kafka. With RTView Enterprise Edition you can:

  • Provide a consolidated view of application performance and dependencies across middleware tiers and vendors
  • Understand the impact of component issues on your business services
  • Centralize alerting

RTView® Enterprise Edition is a platform inside which any number of solution packages can be hosted, aggregating component-level data and viewing/managing/correlating these data as a whole. Without RTView® Enterprise Edition, users would be able to view only each individual data source, albeit with advanced visualizations and real-time granularity, but without the ability to aggregate and compare critical event data across all the relevant components of an enterprise deployment environment.

Logical Groupings

With RTView Enterprise, users can group application components, such as Kafka brokers and zookeepers, by logical groups. Groups can be defined as applications, services, business units, data centers or other geographical entity and can include a variety of different components from different application tiers such as other middleware or virtual hosts. For application support teams, this capability is critical so they can understand the business criticality of issues to more effectively prioritize and respond to events.

RTView Cloud - Monitoring as a Hybrid SaaS Service

RTView Cloud provides Kafka users with a hybrid SaaS monitoring option in addition to on-premise RTView deployment options. With RTDraw, users can design, collaborate, and publish custom displays from your web browser using a click-and-drag interface all with no programming. This enables you to offer your end users custom displays with the exact metrics they need presented in intuitive, easy-t0-understand dashboards. Displays are created quickly and easily. Cloud which enables you to:

RTView Cloud uses a hybrid architecture, ensuring your data stays securely in your environment and behind your firewall.