RTView provides turnkey Kafka monitoring with pre-built dashboards. With over 30 pre-defined alerts and over 15 pre-built monitoring dashboards, users can deploy quickly without the time, skill and expense necessary to build or configure their own monitoring applications or dashboards.

RTView can be used as a dedicated Kafka monitor or within a larger RTView Enterprise system that also provides visibility into the complementary technologies that make up  Kafka-based services and applications. This enables users to cross-correlate and perform root cause analysis across the entire application stack for different types of components, including middleware (Kafka, TIBCO, Solace), databases, VMware, and open source, from the host and network level through the database and middleware layers up to the application itself.

Turnkey Kafka Monitoring

No need to spend your time building displays. RTView comes complete with a full suite of monitoring views designed to provide with the information you need to keep your Kafka environment up and running 24/7.

  • RTView displays are sophisticated yet easy to comprehend, enabling you to navigate quickly to find the metrics you need to resolve issues. Based on 15 years of monitoring high-performance middleware environments, we understand what you need to see.
  • Eliminate the risk of having to build your own monitoring application

Centralized Alerting

Become more proactive with centralized alerting tailored to the needs of specific support teams. RTView provides pre-configured alerts to simplify initial setup and maintenance.

  • Centralize alerts across services, middleware, or hosts. View alert details, including alert history, component metric detail, and metric history
  • Filter alerts for support teams, services, technology, and environment
  • Output alerts to third-party monitoring and ticketing platforms


RTView is predominately agentless to minimize impact on your critical applications and reduce initial and ongoing maintenance cost. Other application monitoring solutions require the use of intrusive agents or code injection to obtain information about your applications.

Design and Publish Custom Displays

Complement your out-of-box Kafka monitoring displays with custom displays you can create without programming. Design, collaborate and publish custom displays using a click-and-drag interface.

  • Organize and present information to users in the context of the applications. Create visual data flow diagrams that show the impact of middleware issues on your business services.
  • Publish and share information with other groups in the organization, such as business users and support teams, who can use it
  • Align your IT monitoring assets with the needs of the business

Support for Any Device

RTView displays are built with responsive design to support viewing and interaction from any device, including smartphones.

Support for Large Environments

Provide real-time views across your complex and large scale applications built using diverse technology platforms and vendors.

  • View very large systems in logical groupings such as geographic location, data center, or product
  • Scale your RTView architecture horizontally to maximize performance in large systems using efficient data collection mechanisms

RTView® Enterprise Edition is a platform inside which any number of solution packages can be hosted, aggregating component-level data and viewing/managing/correlating these data as a whole. Without RTView® Enterprise Edition, users would be able to view only each individual data source, albeit with advanced visualizations and real-time granularity, but without the ability to aggregate and compare critical event data across all the relevant components of an enterprise deployment environment.

Monitoring for Hybrid Applications

With RTView Enterprise, RTView services can be hosted in the cloud, providing complete interoperability between components deployed on-premise or in the cloud.

  • Monitor your Kafka, Solace, TIBCO, and IBM MQ based applications on-premise or within any cloud architecture
  • As your deployment architecture evolves from on-premise to hybrid with Cloud-based workloads, you can seamlessly deploy RTView services to your multiple cloud platforms
  • Implement primarily agentless monitoring for faster implementation with a lower total cost of ownership