Solace Monitoring with RTView PubSub+ Monitor is an agentless monitoring and alerting system designed specifically for monitoring your Solace PubSub+ products by support and application support teams. The application is easy to install and configure and generally completed in less than an hour. Because the monitor is agentless, there is no need to deploy and maintain agents across your infrastructure. The modular design allows you to easily extend RTView Solace PubSub+ Monitor to RTView Enterprise to monitor your critical business services and the middleware they run on and the messaging they use - all from one platform.

Pre-Built Displays

Pre-built displays provide out-of-box functionality so no custom development, programming, or complicated set up is required for PubSub+ best practice monitoring. Displays provide a highly intuitive UI and are responsive so they can be used on any device, including SmartPhones.

Key metrics are identified in summary displays where users can easily navigate to detailed displays to troubleshoot issues or for more detailed information.

Pre-Configured Alerts

RTView Solace PubSub+ Monitor includes a number of pre-configured alerts to provide out-of-box alerting. Users can drill down to detailed views of alert history, drill through to the alerting component, override alert thresholds, and perform actions, including acknowledging alerts.

RTView Solace PubSub+ Monitor also has the ability to handle syslog events from PubSub+ and generate alerts against those events as well.

Auto-generated Topology Diagrams

The RTView Solace PubSub+ Monitor includes topology diagrams of Bridges, DMR links, and MNR links between PubSub+ brokers.

Topology diagrams enable users to get a good visual understanding of the inter-broker connections and their overall event mesh.

Diagrams are automatically generated. Users can zoom and pan in the diagrams as well as right-click on an appliance, software broker, or cloud service to launch the PubSub+ Manager which is a WebUI to access the broker’s administration functionality.

Support for Any Device

RTView Solace PubSub+ Monitor displays are built with a responsive design to support viewing and interaction from any device, including SmartPhones.

Simple Setup and Configuration

With the configuration wizard, setup and ongoing maintenance of system settings are dramatically simplified.

Extend your RTView for Solace Monitor with RTView Enterprise

Your RTView Solace PubSub+ Monitor can be easily extended to provide end-to-end monitoring of your critical applications and services that are that are using PubSub+ messaging. With RTView Enterprise Edition you can:

  • See a consolidated view of your complete messaging environment, including Solace, Kafka, TIBCO EMS, and IBM MQ in a single pane of glass.
  • Add any number of Solution Packages.
  • Provide a consolidated view of application performance and dependencies across diverse middleware tiers.
  • Understand the impact of component issues on your business services across large dispersed environments.
  • Centralize alerting

RTView Cloud - Monitoring as a Hybrid SaaS Service

As an SL customer, you get a free subscription to RTView Cloud which enables you to:

  • Design, collaborate, and publish custom displays from your web browser using a click-and-drag interface.
  • Monitor Solace from within any public cloud, private cloud, or on-premise deployments.
  • Your data remains securely behind your firewall.

RTView Monitoring Options for Solace PubSub+

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RTView®  Enterprise with the
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Let us know if you would like any additional solution packages and we’ll set it all up for you.

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30-day Free Trial

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For more information, read the blog post: Solace Monitoring with RTView: On-premise, as AMI, or in the Cloud.