TIBCO Monitoring

with RTView®

Proactive Monitoring + Real-time Troubleshooting
for TIBCO Applications and Infrastructure

Detect and respond so fast, they won't even know it happened.

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Increase the responsiveness of your support teams with the RTView TIBCO Monitoring

Proactive Response

Real-time Alerts and Key Metrics History Heatmaps show you problems BEFORE they impact applications.

Faster Troubleshooting

Application-aware context, custom flow diagrams and smart drill-down finds it fast!

Peripheral Visibility

Determine if middleware performance problems are caused by related infrastructure issues.

Cloud Ready

RTView runs in the same cloud environments as TIBCO so you can monitor performance across cloud and on-premise.

RTView Enterprise Edition

SL's flagship TIBCO Monitor is RTView Enterprise Edition which provides end-to-end monitoring of your critical applications and services that are built on TIBCO middleware. RTView Enterprise enables you to:

  • See a consolidated view of your complete messaging environment, including TIBCO integration middleware, applications servers, databases, and physical and virtual hosts in a single pane of glass.
  • Add any number of Solution Packages to monitor different technologies.
  • Gain a consolidated view of application and service performance and the impact of issues on the complementary technologies that make up a business service
  • Create and monitor logical groupings of components and infrastructure in large dispersed environments.
  • Centralize your alerting across technologies
  • Support Custom Displays and Flow Diagrams

Complete TIBCO Monitoring

SL’s RTView Enterprise for TIBCO has a pluggable framework that allows customers to choose from a broad range of TIBCO and non-TIBCO solution packages for complete, end-to-end visibility of their middleware platform and middleware powered applications.


Support for Monitoring Additional Technologies

With RTView Enterprise, you can easily add more technologies into your monitoring platform. Each Solution Package provides pre-built displays and pre-configured alerts to enable quick installation and configuration with no programming required.

Click here for a complete list of available solution packages.

Pre-Built Displays

Pre-built displays provide out-of-box functionality so no custom development, programming, or complicated set up is required.

Pre-Configured Alerts

The RTView Monitor for TIBCO includes a number of pre-configured alerts to provide out-of-box alerting. The admin UI enables users to configure and override thresholds. Within the alert list, users can tailor their lists to see and investigate only the alerts they care about.

Group Middleware and Infrastructure into Logical Views

With RTView Enterprise, you can leverage the service model to provide real-time views across your applications and business services. This enables support teams to be truly proactive, identifying issues prioritized by business criticality.

Groupings may also be organized by logical groupings such as geographic location, data center, or product.

Understand the Performance of Components Supporting a Business Service

Monitor and alert on the performance over time of all components supporting your critical business services and applications.

Understand how problems in your TIBCO middleware may actually be caused by adjacent technologies.

Proactively identify stress points before they cause alerts and add resources only to those components that need them.

Simple Setup and Configuration

With the RTView configuration wizard, setup and ongoing maintenance of system settings are dramatically simplified.

Extend your TIBCO RTView Monitor to RTView Enterprise

Your existing TIBCO-branded RTView monitor, licensed and resold by TIBCO, can serve as a plug-in to RTView Enterprise Edition. This provides you with the ability to add additional solution packages, centralize alerting, and begin monitoring your middleware in the context of your business services.

Read the blog post: 7 Reasons to Extend Your TIBCO RTView Monitors with RTView Enterprise.


RTView Cloud - Monitoring as a Hybrid SaaS Service

As an SL customer, you get a free subscription to RTView Cloud which enables you to:

  • Design, collaborate, and publish custom displays from your web browser using a click-and-drag interface.
  • Monitor your TIBCO and other middleware environments within any public cloud, private cloud, or on-premise deployments.
  • Keep your data securely behind your firewall.

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