SL-GMS C++/Developer


C++/Developer continues to be the dominant choice for mission-critical control systems worldwide. Developers choose C++/Developer to build high-performance, real-time data displays that are portable between .NET, C++ and Java. C++/Developer is ideal for systems with diverse user interface requirements that demand a flexible graphic development environment.

C++/Net is an extension to C++/Developer that provides functionality specific to the needs of Network Management applications.

C++/Map offers the specialized dynamic graphics needed for developers of operator consoles in sophisticated, high-performance, map-based application interfaces.   Highlights

    • Design displays portable between .NET, C++ and Java with SL-GMSDraw
    • Populate displays with dynamic icons driven by real-time data
    • Easily connect dynamic behaviors to live data variables
    • Build high-performance, Network Management applications with the C++/Net extension
    • Provide advanced, high-performance mapping functionality with C++/Map extension
    • Enable your customers to build their own custom graphics and icons with the Custom Editor option
    • Proven worldwide in mission-critical, high-performance applications
    • Features object-oriented architecture
    • Supports native controls
    • Can be applied across a variety of hardware (Sun, HP, SGI, PCs)
    • Portable across Windows, UNIX, OpenVMS and QNX platforms
    • Offers comprehensive platform support


SL-GMSDraw Dynamic Graphic EditorCustom Editor OptionC++/Developer PackageC++/Net ExtensionC++/Map Extension

The SL-GMSDraw Dynamic Graphic Editor is included with C++/Developer. Since all user interfaces, dynamic graphics, and application code are portable without modification, developers can build applications that are completely portable across Windows, UNIX and Linux.