Solution Package for Node.js

Gain real-time insight into Node.js performance, resource utilization and the performance impact on adjacent middleware technologies by moving from reactive monitoring to proactive monitoring, where you are able to identify potential problems before they become critical and impact overall application performance.  Typical installations of RTView Enterprise Monitor® and its Solution Packages take only a few hours, while developing custom views for a variety of IT and development roles can be achieved in just days.Solution Package for Node.js

Node.js Monitor screenshot

Key Features

  • Monitor real-time performance for early warning
  • Analyze historical performance to differentiate trends and spikes
  • Out of the box discovery and monitoring of key metrics and resources
  • Powerful diagnostics and correlations for complex performance analysis
  • View Node.js performance metrics in an application context
  • Instant insight for Node.js resource management
  • Application-centric monitoring of  Node.js operations
  • Minimal training, highly configurable by business and technical users

Metrics for Node.js

  • Node Master
    • Requests per second, Requests Delta, Requests Mean Rate, Requests 1 Minute Rate, Requests 5 Minute Rate, Requests 15 Minute Rate
    • Expired Workers
  • Node Request Summary
    • Request Count
    • Requests per second, Average Response Time
  • All Node Processes Table
    • Alert Level, Alert Count, Uptime, CPU %, Memory Used, (KB), Memory Used (%), Memory RSS (KB), Heap Total (KB), Heap Free (KB), Heap Used %, Heap Available (KB), Heap Limit (KB)
    • Latency p100, Latency p99, Latency p95, Latency p90, Latency p50, Lag
  • Node Process Summary
    • Trend analysis for: CPU %, Total Memory Used, Heap Total, Heap Used, p95, p90
  • Prebuilt Displays
    • Node Master Views: Node Master Table, Node Master Summary
    • Node Request Views: Node Requests Detail, Node Request Summary
    • Node Process Views: All Processes Heatmap, All Processes Table, Process Summary

End-to-End Context for Node.js

  • Visualize complex applications and how Node.js fits in that architecture with dynamic custom flow diagrams
  • Provides an Intuitive View of How Node.js interacts with other Enterprise PaaS Components
  • Designed and Developed for Large Scale, Mission Critical Environments