Solution Package for Amazon AWS

RTView® Enterprise Edition is an end-to-end monitoring platform that uses Solution Packages to gather and process performance metrics from a wide variety of different technologies, including Amazon AWS (Amazon Web Services), to provide you with a holistic view of your Application Health State.

If you depend on applications and services that have components running on AWS, you are now able to monitor those AWS resources in real-time, automatically providing metrics such as CPU utilization, latency, and request counts. SL’s RTView® Enterprise Edition is able to incorporate these metrics along with application performance data obtained from other sources, such as an application server or a message bus, into holistic, single-pane-of-glass views via a highly scalable and customizable platform.
The Solution Package for Amazon AWS provides a high level

Using the RTView Historian, Amazon AWS metrics are persisted to a relational database for trend analysis. Historical trends are then used to help define alert thresholds against Amazon AWS data which, when correlated with alerts from other application components through RTView’s alert management system, can help users identify the source of performance problems more quickly.

With the Solution Package for Amazon AWS, you are able to drill down from a high level alert on a business service or application into the supporting Amazon AWS infrastructure to determine what is causing the alert and take corrective action.  This service-centric approach makes it easy for application support teams to prioritize incidents based on the impact to the business.

Solution Packages include a data adapter, real-time memory cache, alert rule engine, pre-configured displays, and a data historian for persisting of real-time performance metrics.

Solution Package for Amazon AWS