Solution Package for RTView Host Agent

RTView Host Agent is an agent, which is deployed on the target Host and provides important resource usage metrics such as:Oracle Coherence Monitor Cluster Overview Screenshot

  • Available CPU
  • Memory
  • Process resource consumption
  • Network traffic
  • Storage usage


Add Host Performance Metrics to your End-to-End Monitoring

The RTView® Enterprise Edition platform contains support for managing multiple sources of information pertaining to physical servers (hosts) and their current performance metrics. Predefined displays, history and alert rule definitions are provided to allow users to analyze how well the hosts are performing, be alerted when resources are reaching a critical condition, and the ability to associate these hosts and their current health with the technologies and applications that they support.

Pick the Monitoring Solution that’s Right For You

Many medium to large organizations must deal with multiple monitoring solutions that are gathering important host information such as CPU and memory consumption.  Users may choose to incorporate that information into RTView® Enterprise Edition by either deploying released Connectors (currently Connectors are available for TIBCO Hawk and Oracle Enterprise Manager), creating a custom connector, or using the RTView Host Agent.

Choose RTView Host Agent for Unmonitored Hosts

Users typically choose to deploy the RTView Host Agent if the host is not already being monitored by another system, or if there are extra benefits in using this agent in addition to currently existing monitoring solutions.  Some of those extra benefits may be because the RTView Host Agent provides deeper information, or because it can report metrics at a much more rapid rate (Default configurations are set at 10 second updates).