Solution Package for IBM DB2

RTView® Enterprise Edition is an end-to-end monitoring platform that uses Solution Packages to gather and process performance metrics from a wide variety of different technologies.The Solution Package for IBM DB2 includes high level heatmap and tabular displays as well as drilldown views to access real-time and historical performance metrics for each DB2 Database in your monitored services and applications.

RTView Enterprise Monitor uses Solution Packages for a number of different technologies including IBM DB2 Databases.

With the Solution Package for IBM DB2, you are able to drill down from a high level alert at a business service or application health level into the supporting database infrastructure, to determine what is causing the alert and to take corrective action. This service-centric approach makes it easy for application support teams and IBM DBAs to prioritize incidents based on the impact to the business.

Solution Packages include a data adapter, real-time memory cache, alert rule engine, pre-configured displays, and a data historian for persisting of real-time performance metrics.