Solution Package for IBM MQ

Gain real-time visibility into the health and performance of WebSphere MQ objects including brokers, queues, channels and queue managers.


RTView® Enterprise Edition and the Solution Package for IBM MQ provide out of box performance and availability monitoring for support teams and MQ administrators. Configuration options enable both consolidated views across the enterprise or views configured for specific support teams.

As part of an end to end monitoring solution, users can view IBM MQ performance in the context of an application or service. This provides visibility into how MQ performance is impacting adjacent technologies and the resulting business impact. Typical installations of RTView® Enterprise Edition and its Solution Packages take only a few hours, while developing custom views for a variety of IT and development roles can be achieved in just days.

Key Features

  • Monitor real-time performance for early warning
  • Analyze historical performance to differentiate trends and spikes
  • Out of the box discovery and monitoring of key metrics
  • Powerful diagnostics and correlations for complex performance analysis
  • View IBM MQ in an application context for Application Support teams and Operations
  • Minimal training, highly configurable by business and technical users

Metrics for IBM MQ

  • All MQ Brokers
    • Queue Manager Status, Number of Channels, Number of Queues, Total Queue Depth
  • MQ Broker Summary
    • Current Queue Depth, Max Queue Depth, Max Message Length
    • Overall Health State: Queue Manager, Channel, Queue Depth High, Queue Full
  • MQ Broker Connections
    • Connection Status, Alert Status, Channel, Model Queue Name, Max Retries, Retry Interval, Wait Interval, Connection, Time Stamp
  • All Queue Detail
    • Queue Manager, Queue type, Status, Alert State, Outputs, Inputs, Depth, Max Depth, Persistence State, Description, Max Message Length, Host, Default Priority, Get Messages, Put Messages, Scope, Shareability, Usage, Connection, Expired State
  • Prebuilt Displays:
    • All Brokers Grid, Single Broker Summary, All Brokers detail table
    • All Channels table, Single Channel Summary, Single Channel Detail
    • All Queue Managers Detail table
    • All Queues Table, Single Queue Summary
    • All Trend Graphs show Historical Data

End-to-End Context for MQ

  • Custom flow diagrams help visualize complex applications and IBM MQ’s place in that architecture
  • Provides an Intuitive View of How IBM MQ Interacts with other Enterprise PaaS Components
  • Designed and Developed for Large Scale, Mission Critical Environments